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  • i know just what you mean man! i hate revising so much. i'm glad i do coursework-intensive subjects so i don't have to worry about many exams.

    yeah i remember having tests like them at the end of year 10. really they don't base anything off them other than, to an extent, predictions which in the end mean **** all.
    Oh right. You have no need to worry about them bro, just do a little work for the GCSEs. Really though I wouldn't recommend doing much for them at all lol since literally they're so impossibly easy. Overworking will hold you back a lot.
    oh right, you've got ages bro. but i'd say to start soon anyway if they're all that important. is it safe to assume that these are your gcses?
    In reference to your signature, I'd like to add that HM Strength is needed for Victory Road, really the only use for it.
    between 1 and 70 base power.

    Hidden Power will always hit with at least 30 Base Power. ;D
    Other than that the team looks great.
    Look harder.
    Yes I saw your sneaky little post edit there. :U

    edit: I saw your other post edit there too. x)
    This is what I'm talking about:

    In general:
    -Pokemon that have no or unimpressing evolutionary relatives.
    -Pokemon with bad/average stats
    -^This accompanied by a slim movepool.
    -Scarcity in the wild/difficult method of finding it.
    -Outclassed by other pokemon that are found earlier in the storyline or being at the bottom of a large pile of decent pokemon.
    -Not held by anime characters or important characters like gym leaders
    -Does not hold important plot lines. (Unown)
    What's wrong with average stats when all it does it help a Pokemon be good at both offense and defense, leaving it to be harder to beat when using Pokemon who are fast but fragile? No one wants to use a Pokemon with really bad defense stats even if it's fast and powerful. The starters from Gen 1 and 2 are perfect examples of balanced stats.
    They should really put this in the tweam building basics guide or something. I've said it dozens of times and even sigged it to every one of my 960 or so posts that cover a lot of the forum but still this happens. *grumbles in the corner*
    and by 'they' you mean me, amryte? rather than raging about it in threads you could have just pm'd me, yanno.

    but yes you are right, i'll do that later.
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