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  • I haven't had my friend's list people show up for the following reasons
    1. They are only provisionally registered....they haven't added you to their list
    2. I forgot to check my friend list and acknowledge their registration
    3. They are not online in the game...the blue circle at the top right of the lower screen doesn't have the word "internet" for them. It doesn't matter what it says in the friend list.
    4. I forgot to log into the internet in the game ... the blue circle doesn't say internet for me

    and I haven't had this happen to me but I understand that if they added you then deleted your card you would not be able to go to their safari.

    and oh yeah the BIG one you have more than one DS and you play the same game in both...you can wipe out most of your s safaris...found this one out the hard way...
    You just have to wait for everyone to play their game online while you in the game and online again

    Not sure if any of this helps...
    atm all i have for trade are Modest Duckletts both male/female and one Adamant male Torchic infected with pokerus.
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