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  • I see you are in Australia, so I'm not entirely sure what your timezone is vis a vis mine, but it is 6:55am my time. I have Wednesdays off, so I should be around most of the day.
    Thank you too! :D
    Not yet, I'm trying to talk with the original wizard but he doesnt seems to log on serebii anymore.
    Adaptable Porygon Z told me he got the Gengar from him.
    yah i noticed, i'm not sure how long though, n it's ok glad it's over with, i explained things to Dressa as well, i'm not the type to trade away ppl's pokemon w/out permission
    I'll have to check it out in a bit here. I'm sorry for the delay.. I've had someone RNG-ing a few things for me, and I haven't been active in the trade forum while I am waiting on those to come through.
    Well, he got what he deserved, I have traded with him before so he should knew me, he clearly said that the Gengar was redis because the person who traded it to him told it was redis.
    I've had similar problems before, someone traded me a Allie's Bagon (FairyWitch - serebii, Eeveelover - pokecheck) and then she came to my shop telling me it was her Pokémon and it should be non-redis, I imediately removed it from my shop. If I had the same thoughts of ShinyFrosslass I would tell her something like ''Its redis because the person who traded me told it was redis and end of story.''
    Well.. i've traded with 'em both so many times.. i've got mixed up.
    I'll give ya proof i got it from him:
    Proof 1: Go ask Adaptable_ PorygonZ if i've traded him SF Breloom for SF Gengar(He'll say yes)
    Proof 2: Check every post in charizards shop for all our previous offers
    Proof 3: Charizard doesn't RNG.. so it cannot be he's(Check the OT)

    Do you need more proof for you to believe me?
    Im really sorry that i kinda got mixed up that day.. i was kinda in a "Hurry" mood.. I trade with so many people that i got mixed up...
    I dont lie. Im one of the top traders on Serebii.. so i get mixed up with who i/i've trade(d) with..

    Please believe me.
    No.. you dont get what i mean!
    I got told from Adaptable_PorygonZ that he got it from him.. but the thing is.. its not Charizards OT(I think).. so Charizard cant say if its non-redis or not.. i'll talk to him bout it cuz i got it from APZ and he said its Redis..
    I have a Gastly Timid on my shop, probably someone trained it and now is trading away all over the place. It was semi-redis on my shop, so it should be non-redis if someone else wants to put it on their shop.
    Could you give me the name of the person who traded it to you please?
    hey ausgirl not sure if you noticed i answered your question in me and silents shop about the ditto :p
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