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  • congrats man ^^ I got mine last week. won't spoil you but this is the best game ever. specially the final in the storyline!
    just great. same as you almost. currently I'm building a MONO KALOS team to be my main team in competitive. I have greninja, talonflame, aegislash, tyrantrum, florges. I still need a physical tank but I don't know what to you use in kalos... a pokemon with physical defense capabilities and with some movepool to status modifier (will-o-wisp, thunder wave...) However it's hard to choose 'cause I only use pokemon that I like and in kalos, I don't like half of them lol ^^
    I have 2 weeks of vacation before the 2nd. And I don't have final exams. Only people with negative grades (like 9 in 20 average) go to exam.
    hello man! long time no talk :) Hey, do you have any modest ditto or modest togepi, please? I was really looking for breeding...
    My timezone is GMT -4, so that explains a lot.. Thank you so much for this by the way, i really really appreciate it. :) Sorry for the trouble, if i've caused you any.
    All of them smile when they're petted, and Tyrantrum looks like a fluffy happy dinosaur and it's adorable. I saw some pictures and it is the most precious thing.

    Heh, I'm sorry about not checking up on the timezone thing. That time is fine, since right now for me it's 4:00. I'll just ask you for a trade once I see that we're both online.
    They really paid extreme attention to detail when depicting the Pokemon's personality and stuff like that. Eevee was really playful and jumped around, while Lucario was very secluded. / Oh my god they would be so angry.. It seems hilarious though.

    4 or 6 would be okay. My time is Eastern Standard, so I'm not sure when that would be for you.
    I agree. You just have to focus on the good aspects of everybody no matter what they are. Plus it all depends on who you are and what preferences you have.

    Yeah, that's probably it. I read about Espurr's Pokedex entry and it said that their ears are closed to store powerful psychic energy. It's cool how the game designers actually added those little tidbits of information and made Pokemon Amie reflect that. My Absol doesn't like to be pet on his horn, and it makes sense now that I think about it. / Absolutely, since if they were herbivores they might need a huge field or jungle to graze. Heh, that would sure give kids some street credit.

    Anytime tonight is fine, or tomorrow afternoon. It's up to you.
    Yeah, you have a point.. Whenever I see a person I always see the good in them, unless they give me a bad vibe. I'm pretty perceptive of body language and speech, so I can tell if something is wrong or what the person's personality is about.

    It takes a little while to know the mechanics. You gotta pet them in the right places (like judging by their expressions you can tell if they're getting annoyed), feed them like maybe 3 PokePuff and then play a couple mini games. You'll get the hang of it someday. With me I have no idea how mega training works at all. It's probably because I haven't tried it yet, but you know how it is. That's awesome. It's always a good feeling to know that your entire team is finished and in their final forms. Knowing humans, we could just domesticate the dinosaurs or something like that so they become big exotic pets. :p

    That would be amazing if you could do that! I will be so grateful for this, because I'm just paranoid about trading with people I'm not familiar with and all.
    That happens to me sometimes, you overlook all the little aspects that make it great and just focus on the negatives. I'm a perfectionist so that happens a lot. I'm sure that everyone who has ever played pokemon will be grateful if they do make a remake of the third gen.

    Well there's nothing wrong with that. Pokemon games are supposed to be played at your leisure instead of rushing everything. I kind of wasted most of my time by playing Pokemon Amie for maybe a couple hours all together. Just the new development of being able to pet your Pokemon is amazing. Tyrunt is adorable, all of the fossil pokemon are adorable; i just don't necessarily use them in battle that much, which is a shame. Fossils are super cool though, imagine if we were able to do this in real life. That would actually be very terrifying.

    I remember that hunt... I lost my motivation after a thousand eggs, which i tend to do in most things. I did end up hatching my shiny pumpkaboo though after 80 eggs, he's the best thing ever~ I'm going to have to trade with someone to evolve it though, so that will be tedious... But it will get done. I am going to make it a plan for me to not quit anymore, at least for the game.
    I can just imagine how much of a pain it was in GSC... Any GameBoy Pokemon games i have yet to play, and that sadly includes 3rd gen. It was an amazing game though, i loved how you could walk with your pokemon and stuff like that. It just makes me realize how far Gamefreak has come, seeing Pokemon Amie in gen 6.

    It just makes your bond greater. :) I continue to skate in circles daily, ha; even with the bicycle. They're both incredibly handy.

    I just beat the League today, and now instead of actually doing something productive, I am MMing (breeding with foreign parent for greater chances to get a shiny) Pumpkaboos. It's shiny form has navy hair and a black pumpkin if i remember correctly. Ha, i'm shooting for the stars. :p What about you? How are you doing in the game?
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