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  • So I've noticed. It's all good, I haven't had too much incentive to be active on Serebii either besides the SN fic of course.
    Yep lol what I do some is research the same image a better render if I can't I normally ask for a new image.
    Yeah that can be a pain >.< I hate that too which it does bug me sometimes colors don't blend right and images drive me nuts which some of the images are just horrible renders.
    I here you which I got some pretty strange requests too which I hated how the colors didn't blend right or the images were just so bad >.< I try to change some things around but try to keep the way they want at the same time. I do understand about the improvement thing when your crank them out which I tell them not to bug about there requests as rule which I finish my requests when I am satisfied as well as that will make them satisfied too :3 I have never had a complaint about switching things around if you know what I mean XD
    Nah tbh I had requests growing like crazy when I wasn't the only one so I should be fine and I got sweet may to help :) she is a worker in my shop which she been taking he requests until I get back on my feet and the focus people ordering in my section. Also not much requests anymore in that section it died down...
    I am alright had to get a new computer which need to redownload Photoshop again and oh I opened my art shop up again which I am the only shop now o_O
    That sounds like a good way to revive it, hopefully.

    As for me, I've been slacking off far too much with school and wasting my time on nothing because I'm just that terrible at living life and every time I try to fix it I never manage to finish because I'm ****.
    I haven't been doing it because of writers block. I'm better at coming up with ideas more than I am acting upon them, and writing hasn't really been as fun as it used to. However, if you could get her involved in another post, I'd be fine with that.
    Yeah. Kaxo's were fun to read. XD
    Now I'd love so see someone as naive as Ryuka react to it. XD
    Okay. Is there a certain weapon that you/Kaxo would like? Qerris can build just about anything, and I'm not quite sure. I could leave it anonymous and let you decide with the next post, since the one I'm working on will probably end with them arriving in Dendemille.
    Would it be okay for my Sonne character to be on the ship with you guys to Dendemille? I'll have her give them some new weapons to test like you said in the post. I'm.sorry I haven't gotten a post up yet. Between finals and eating coming up, my parents haven't allowed me any free time, not to mention I've had writers block for this RP. But I just got a great idea (see first two sentences)
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