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Avenger Angel

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  • Hey, on your note for Ginger's SUs, I wrote around what she said in y post, actually calculating the years and such to make what she put there fit in. I suggest editing your post or doing something alongside telling her that you just didn't know.
    Oh god, I didn't even think of Borderlands. I've played it, but never as Brick, I was the Sniper guy.
    I have some ideas pertaining to Lumiose myself that I'm willing to share if you're curious.

    Hey, with Kaxo turning into a Part Fighting-Type and becoming faster than he already is as a Mega Lopunny, I can see him putting on a pair of gauntlets and greaves and just zipping around the battlefield punching out entire groups of Xiav before they can even blink.
    At least you'll be having fun. Protecting Dendemille from two less than active Xiav players is gonna suck.

    And I would also prefer that he shows he's looking for a Mega Stone a bit more explicitly. Maybe put a post count in the header like I did.
    Damn, if I had known for sure that Kaxo was coming with Ryuka and Richard to Dendemille, I would've left some things open for you. XD

    By the way....I think Vern might not have read the rules pertaining to finding Mega Stones. His headers never explicitly stated that he was looking for Mega Stones and he apparently found three of them in just three posts.
    No rush or anything, but I just wanted to drop you a line and mention that I posted a couple of signups in the SN signup thread. Have you had a chance to look at them? Thanks in advance.
    Hey Avenger. I just wanted to let you know that I'm cancelling my reserve for SN. School starts this week, and I doubt I'll have the time to manage this. Hope the RP goes well, though.
    Think you can have Sonne stop posting so frequently? Honest to God, I can't do a post this weekend because I'm rather busy and I don't think that should mean I'm start disadvantage in the RP. It's kinda being dominated by Sonne right now.
    So JFought pretty much said that most, if not all the civilians in Lumiose City had apparently fled? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it established that Snowbelle, Laverre, and Dendemille still retain their local populace, and yet Lumiose, the Capital of Kalos mind you, was the only place that thought to evacuate? None of the other cities in the region thought to follow suit? I'm sorry, but I can only stretch my suspension of disbelief so far.
    Ya know, something about that drawing makes me imagine Kaxo dual wielding that LMG and automatic pistol to gun down waves of enemies or zombies while riding a skateboard for some reason. Must be the elbow and kneepads.
    Just out of curiosity, have you gotten around to drawing that Kaxo pic you mentioned a while back?
    If they're okay with you, I'll be okay with them. A bit too lazy to read them. XD

    Also added to Eris... AGAIN! Gave her the glasses with the cracked lens again. It suits her so well.
    Meh, it's okay. don't make exceptions for me. I already have enough on my plate as it is.
    I'll think about it. I did consider bringing a Gardevoir character into it all, but I am re-considering since only the Xiav faction is aveilable.
    I don't remember myselves, but I don't think I lasted long in the Rp. lol.
    Imma let it slide this time. Maybe join in next time.
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