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  • I dunno if it'll turn out great but I do get some good ideas here and there. I'm nt sure if they'd be up to your standard of RP but I can try. ^^'
    I knew eeeeet
    Ah well I'm good with shiny Charizard.
    ToF started out as an RP a year or so ago, you were part of it in it's Beta stage where it was off balance, then I rebalanced it. XD
    I wanted to convert it into a fic because I have the whole story in my head in two parts, however due to the fact I'm working on way too many things, I never really have time to get around to it. Therefore, RP it is. I'll throw it up sometime, even with my mass RP project going on on PE2K...well it's one of my major stories I hope to convert one day into an actual piece of literature...you know what I mean.
    If I get a right vibe here, and I hope that I do, I may bring ToF here in RP format, since I can't seem to get the fic version off the ground. ><
    I can understand that. PE2K being my first forum, it's hard for me to leave it. Shen showed me you were hiding out here and had RP's going, and when I read the Broken Sun it was hard for me not to sign up.
    Now if I can only figure out how to get my custom avatar on here I'll be happy. XD
    But yeah, I may be able to stick around here long enough to get a feel for it. I've tried other Pokemon forums and they just haven't stuck as well like PE2K. But anyway, I'll see how things work out here.

    It's odd not seeing you with 10,000+ posts. XD
    Sweet. Nothing like traveling to heaven, hell, and a world I wouldn't mind returning to. Actually, if you do plan on having Kokoro return, would it be a brand new slate for the world, or would it be during or after The Scorned assault? I still have my sign-up from that, and it would be cool to maybe bring him back as well.
    Quick question: I read your overview of your new RPG, and I detected a very familiar world: Kokoro. Is this an homage to Salvation Crusade or a completely different world under the same name? Also, I got a good laugh when you state "Mission Objectives are as follows. Want us to locate an Energy Totem while we're at it? :D
    It's about what I figured you'd be doing.

    What's a good skin to use for Serebii? I've been sticking with the default for awhile now.
    Good idea I guess. Let me know when it's done. :).

    P.S. I'm still writing that RP I told you about, I'm still working out some things.
    Hey there Neo. I was just going to ask, that once everyone posts, would you like to be the one to control the Research teacher for this episode? I'm only asking since your post was the one which gave the introduction to Pokemon Research Class. Just let me know.
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