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  • UN may later on collaborate with Janine in decimating the rebellion. Essentially, she sells her soul to the Devil to earn back control and take back Alex. So yeah, the UN can be allied with the Empire for a while. All Janine's ladies-in-waiting and those in her favor should be all cute-type Chimeras. XD

    Within the rebellion are UN spies, hiding in the shadows. Janine strikes a bargain with them, allowing them to kill as many of the commoners as they could. Rebellion's focus is to turn the situation around by perhaps, turning the UN into Chimeras. Problem is, Janine owns and controls the whole mutagen manufacturing process, so they have to get past her first. XD

    Basically, UN may have a base underground on the dark side of the moon that Alex may not know of, UN inhabit the moon and is about to relaunch their plans, and the newly-created Moon Empire is on the verge of civil war. Things not being as they seem, lies, deceit and secrets hidden for the past 3 years. XD Even stranger is if Heights resurfaces and still aims to capture Alex once and for all, even if he has to go to the Moon for the elusive Bunninja. XD
    Now that I think about it. It will be plausible for some of the UN to stow away on the spacecraft unnoticed as they travel to the moon. They will blend in with the Chimeras outside of the palace waiting to strike while still communicating with those on Earth. XD Modus Operandi is to take over the moon and decimate the kingdom. XD
    Hey, while I was checking the sign up for Trinity to find the Black Alpha Leader names, I noticed that there is a sign up there that hasn't been addressed since it was put up on the 11 of Dec. Not sure you were aware or not.
    There has to be an outside danger aside from the civil war. Like UN or Black Alpha trying to take over the moon or something else residing on the dark side of the moon, something the Chimeras are not fully aware of.

    Maybe UN could have arrived secretly, hiding on the dark side and waiting for the right moment to strike? UN wanting to conquer the Moon is not far-fetched. They want Chimeras gone and will do anything to make sure of that. Even conquering the Moon if they had to. They strike me as something like WWII Germany in a sense.

    I see this being a neo-WWII, honestly. XD Maybe Heights resurfaces? Turns out dead Heights isn't real Heights? Lots of smoke and mirrors, secrets and turmoil. An incompetent queen, a civil war, outside threats, things not being what they seem, dark secrets. Yeah, you can have UN not being contented, but wanting to extend their regime over the moon to conquer and eliminate.
    Yeah, I could already imagine Janine going crazy. At first, Janine won't be that suspicious. Until she finds out from one of the maids that Alex ventures into the kitchen and cellars a lot. Alex has to be a pretty good liar while Theresa organizes the palace branch of the rebellion faction, as well as sneaking out and meeting with the civilian branch in the middle of the night. Janine should be the one to catch her and ask Alex if he had anything to do with it. XD

    Janine and Alex should be 3rd-stage, considering their positions, Theresa should only be second-stage. As Theresa takes advantage of her part-Ground typing to dig a hole connecting the cellar to the outside, she usually is unnoticed, except when she has to intercept messages through the guards she trusts. Yes, half the palace is for Janine, half the palace is in the rebellion.

    Cue one of Theresa's lines being:

    "I should have fought for you, Alex. I love you and I thought that I was doing the right thing though it hurt me. I'm an idiot, this is all my fault. If I had fought for you, all this wouldn't have happened. I once thought that love was about making your loved one happy or content no matter what, now I realize it's about fighting for love despite everything else. I'm a weakling...a coward...but though the heart is weak, the will is strong. Trust me on this, Alex...I will fight for you 'till forever, no matter the odds. I won't let anything happen to you."

    Of course Janine won't give up her throne so easily. She loves being queen. Obviously, she'd do anything to have Alex back. Price Anarchy would be epic. XD I can't wait to see its banner. Two Chimeras on two halves of the banner. Alex on the left side with a determined expression, facing left, with a dark scheme and a grunge theme. Janine wearing a tiara on the right, evil smirk with a wink,pastel scheme and a cosmos/sparkle theme. Dark is not Evil and Light is not Good tropes invoked. I'd like to see your concept art of Queen Janine.
    Hmm...something blows up in one of his experiments. He dies and Janine assumes the throne, basically forcing Alex to become her consort. XD The start of the Price Anarchy would be a fun one. Basically, she won't care for anyone else in the empire but herself and Alex. Discontentment spreads, whispers of a rebellion, mysterious secrets, a vanished ally who resurfaces. It will be fun!

    Janine shows her true colors after finally getting what she wants. Theresa is enslaved right under Alex's nose, Janine mysteriously does not want Alex wandering out the palace...conspiracy. XD

    I had this idea after picturing a Janine in a queen's outfit in my head. Then the rest fell into place. XD Alex accidentally finds Theresa, finds out that the kingdom is built on lies and discontentment for the past six months.

    Maybe the prologue of Price Anarchy should show Alex and Janine's marriage about a year after their arrival. Arranged of course, as Janine chose Alex. Theresa will be pained, but she accepts as long as Alex is happy. Douglas Price is fair, but dies 2 years into his rule. Then Janine assumes the throne. Six months or 1 year after, the plot takes off. XD
    BTW, Dark Pulse edited his post with Theresa having the bigger bust. XD It's true. XD

    Price Anarchy would be a fun RP. It should be PVP too. XD Rebellion faction and Empire faction. It should be set about six months into Janine's regime. Alex is under the belief that Theresa is the moon empire's chemist, as Janine assured him that she is "where she has to be". Maybe Janine should keep Alex under close watch in the throne room or wherever she is to make sure he never glimpses at Theresa or her situation. XD He should discover her by accident. XD
    Of course! Janine has to be behind it. Imagine the title containing "Price Anarchy". It would be a hilarious RP. XD

    Alex is a reluctant king consort to Queen Janine, who enslaves Theresa as a servant while claiming that she is "well taken care of" to Alex...until he finds out everything. Rebellion, enslavement....fun!

    Janine would probably plant some of Theresa's poison mixtures into Douglas' drink, killing him. There will be no investigation, and later on, in the middle, after the cause of Douglas' death is found, she will place the blame on Theresa. Set this about 3 years forward, during Alex's April birthday. Theresa would be 25, Alex would have just turned 36 or 37.

    A futuristic kingdom sounds cool!
    Yeah, random is good - I want Chan to seem random and spontaneous - she's a nurse, so she's seen bodies all the time, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. XD

    ...but Jean said Theresa was bigger in the bust lol - so I guess I'm going to have to change that XD
    Nobody of the trio should die. >.< I still want the possible "Price Anarchy" to happen. XD Maybe I should write it as a fun semi-crackfic. Douglas Price would be a fair ruler, but once Janine steps into the picture...chaos.
    Dammit, Dark Pulse got it wrong. XD Theresa is more stacked in the bust than Janine. >.< Janine is the pretty princess, Theresa is the hot bombshell....ironically Janine is taller.
    Eric's not giving me a break. I'm gonna hold off on posting till you respond to my post since it involves you. (One part doesn't involve Eric)
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