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Avenger Angel

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  • y-y-you... CLOSED Magnum Thunderforge???

    Aww :(

    Well anyway, Ms. Stalker and her Groom-to-be decided to make one final step in the spotlight before turning tail again...

    "ooh, you're so big!" - roflmao, I just had to!!!
    Hey Neo, I'm not gonna be here next week, so could you bunny Eric for me till Friday? After that, it's Christmas break, so I'll have two whole weeks.
    NVM about my PM, one of my tests got postponed. I think I could handle it now. XD

    Naked!Theresa! is here! XD Yes, she chose not to hide in the Jester outfit. Her long hair's doing the job covering her boobs. Cue Janine trying to cover her. Thankfully, Theresa's clothes are at Realgem in storage. XD She won't be nude for long.
    I think your confusing me with Strategiser. His group did attack you, and Jacob sees the after effects. I was just curious as to your reasoning behind Alex's/Janine's humanness.
    Not me, Jacob has been hunting you down to recruit you to help him overthrow Black Alpha, not weaken you. My post actually has it where he confronts your attackers from the front while your Pokemon take the rear.
    WHA?!?! You devolved yourself. Actually, why let that happen?

    EDIT: Also, let me know if the flashback part of my post is wrong in any way. I tried to keep it in character.
    I think I've made all the changes that are relevant, the only things I'll change now are X's thought process as to why he's confronting you...
    Hmm, interesting plot twist... But please take a look at my latest post in the discussion thread.
    Hey, as another thing: Is it okay for me to say the U.N. might be using whatever real-life military equipment there might be? I'm not sure if you have anything set in stone for what they use or anything, but it might be handy to know later.
    hmm, you've got a point there. I think I should change my post up entirely >_<

    Considering I forgot about that post with Strat/Juan, I might just completely re-do it and skip the capture, even though technically X wasn't going to send you guys to a camp, rather try and get a fugitive GP base in Hoenn. Regardless, it now comes down to if you've posted or not lol ^_^'
    Am I right in denying capitalh his attack? Considering that protection from psychic (due to Dark-infused armor and whatnot) is their main shtick, him being able to cause one to spiral out of control because he used "More Psychic" goes exactly against what the Obsidian is listed as being able to do.
    okay, I got an Idea with this - however, if you disagree and suggest X should still be enemies with Alex, I'll delete it when I get home - It was kinda rushed anyway, so I'm going to change things when I get home regardless. It's just up to you whether I keep the same Idea or I make it that I was given Direct orders by the UN...
    Mind if the Stalkers stop in and talk with Alex and Theresa? Not sure what about though...

    also, when do you think Hoenn should Break off from the UN? I'm thinking that at least for the moment they have been unofficially opposing the UN beliefs. Maybe GP can have a safe-haven there or somethin >_>
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