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Avenger Angel

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  • As long as we're on the topic of the RP, you don't mind if Eric and co. meet up with Alex? You guys are only three people now, and I don't see the three of us doing anything drastically plot-changing otherwise. Also, I hope it's OK for Pterror to be keeping an eye on the--get ready to groan--candy catastrophe.
    Scratch that. XD Just posted her candymaking process as well as her handing Alex and Janine their Jawbreaker bombs as well as their new weapons as I described below. XD I wonder if Janine would admit that Theresa made hers rather nice. XD

    Before they get down at Orre, Janine should notice that Theresa might make them look suspicious based on her colors. You can make her pour some of Theresa's bleach mixture over the costume, fading it to rose pink and white, or make her wear a red cape and hood over the outfit like as I said, Red Riding Easter Bunny. XD
    OK...we'll assume that the month is late March-early April. XD Easy for Theresa too. Since she isn't a bunny, she'd insist on going as the Grim Reaper. Janine won't let her get away with it though. The hood will have bunny ears sewn on it so she could still be an "easter bunny", and dyed red against Theresa's wishes, turning her planned Grim Reaper getup into a "Red Riding Easter Bunny" getup. XD

    Starting to type it up on WordPad. XD I'm getting hungry describing all the candy mixtures Theresa set out on pans...lots of colors, lots of effects. A chemist would need a lot of self-control not to eat it all up, but thankfully Theresa prefers spicy food. She's going to use a cinnamon sort of candy, think Hot Tamales, for Alex's for the extra "spice" and his fire theme. Theresa's scythe handle is going to look like a giant yellow-and-gray candy cane with the yellow candy covering the scythe blade molded into a thunderbolt shape. Alex's Wakizashi will have this crystalline quality, bright red color, though with a few streaks of orange and yellow to make the blade resemble a flame, and a spicy aroma (You could make it Janine's turn-on) and Janine's boomerang is a clear, sparkling ice blue, sculpted into angel wings. Yes, her weapon will look a bit like a glittery ice sculpture. Everyone will have jawbreaker bombs and more military candy. Yes, their first candy theme is fire, ice and thunder...reflecting their stat specialties. Theresa is the fastest so she's Thunder, Alex is the strongest so he's Fire and Janine has the best defenses so she's Ice. XD Whaddya think?

    Yeah, Alex with a Charizard makes sense. XD Also, Typhlosion. XD
    They'll be in tights...that would be a funny sight. Theresa will have to deal with that, telling Janine not to go overboard. XD Theresa is more the Catwoman type. XD

    Alex shouldn't look too silly though...definitely not a clown suit. What month is this installment set in? April? If it were April, they could be Easter-themed for the lulz, complete with baskets of Jawbreaker bombs...like Easter bunnies of doom...Alex could convince Janine to darken her color scheme a bit, switching the white for navy blue for a while...XD

    Just curious...which Starter Pokemon suit each of them, based on final evos? XD I would like to imagine which ones they would choose. I got the feeling Janine would pick any support-type starter, while Theresa would pick Sceptile in a heartbeat (it's the starter with the closest stat spread to her...high Sp.Atk and Speed, low Defense.)
    I'm going to make a post in a few hours. Can I skip over to nighttime, considering it may be evening in your current post?

    It will cover Theresa making the candy weapons in her laboratory. Yes, there will be a lot of details on the candy mixtures, molds and pans. I swear, when you read it, it will almost seem real to you. Basically, their weapons feature different candy types. Theresa's scythe would be based on a candy cane, because of their similar shapes. What would you like Alex's candy base to be?

    I was able to A my chemistry test. XD That's the Theresa in me. XD
    I happened to have passed through the RPG Idea/Wishes thread and noticed your detective RPG. Of course, I seem to have a rather heavy bias to your RPGs (probably due to the fact that they are well thought out), but how would you have people sign-up and would there be a limit? I ask this because, IMO, it would be terrible to have you go through all of the work in making all of the clues and have the RPG die midway through. So, would you open sign-ups to the public, or would you do an invite only basis, or a little of both? Also, your best bet on it being popular at all would be running it in summer, so it's less likely to fail, but you know that already.
    Read it...made me laugh! XD Theresa will argue for a moment, stating that it will make a fool of TGP and the trio...but relents once she realizes that it's a good idea. XD Yes, Lethe made her more rational and less biased in thinking. XD Though she still has her aversions.

    Maybe she'll go like: "Alright...but not using spit gum. That's just disgusting, and I won't hold a scythe covered in rainbow spit gum. I'll take care of it...the clean and sanitary way. I wouldn't want to be catching possible Angel Bunny diseases and neither would anyone else. Leave it to me."
    Yep. XD sooner or later, Theresa would figure out that the best way to attack in Hoenn, where no-one would know their faces, is to keep it unpredictable as well as laughable. Janine's sugar addiction being an inspiration, she uses her chemistry skills by developing new military candy for fighting. Nobody would expect candy-toting Chimeras to be dangerous. XD

    Later on, she will develop a distracting-looking cover for Alex's Wakizashi...something not to either of their tastes...perhaps resembling peppermint, as well as rework Janine's boomerang to look like angel wings in silver. When Alex asks why she suddenly makes everything look like Janine's type of thing, she'll explain that it's the perfect cover, and it will help make them win in a different way...through underestimation.

    The opponents would thing that they're crazy...but the trio ends up even deadlier due to the surprise element of military candy. Besides, Theresa would find that channeling her hatred for disgustingly cute in her work is actually fun in a sense. XD
    Hey, just thought I'd let you know that I'm dropping out of the roleplay. For some reason I'm just not feeling it. Sorry to disappoint. I hope you have fun with it regardless!
    Yeah, Theresa as a weapons technician, is in charge of developing unpredictable weapon types. Nobody would take candy as a weapon seriously, she they wouldn't see it coming. XD It's the perfect distraction. XD

    There's more. XD Candy magazines for loading the guns. Instead of pouring crystallized poison over the magazines, Theresa will use Janine's sweet tooth as an inspiration to pour different-colored candy mixtures over them, allowing them to dry as hard candy. The bullets themselves look like pieces of candy...no one would see that coming. Sweet death. XD

    True, I'm trying to illustrate the effects of Theresa's mindwipe. XD While she is totally guiltless, the fact that she cannot remember the cruelty of her past ultimately makes her more forgiving, quite unusual, but it's the Dere side of her Kuudere nature. It also hints at the procedure that she went through. Alex or Janine can question her while you bunny Theresa for a while. Theresa can only remember falling asleep on the plane. XD Yeah, she isn't right in the head too because of the pain. XD
    Hi, just saw a really cool weavile banner you made. Couldn't find your shop if you have one, so i don't even know if you're still in business. if you are, could you send me a link to your shop so that I may make a request for a banner? Thank you
    Go Blissey! XD This is fun...Janine must think of Theresa as stupid. XD I mainly had to highlight Theresa's low defenses in exchange for her high speed...everyone has their flaws right? XD

    Sugar in the wounds has a different effect from salt in the wounds...sugar in a gas tank however...I think Janine should rely on that tactic, considering how it's said to ruin car engines. XD Sabotage waiting vehicles by pouring sugar in their gas tanks...or putting chunks of candy...hilarious and evil! XD Hoenn would be the perfect place for Janine to test sugar torture...hey, it's a new and funny concept/tactic we have yet to use. XD

    All the ways you could use sugar and candy...even to kill and immobilize. Janine can use her candies in other ways. XD Theresa may even develop "Jawbreaker Bombs" for throwing. Essentially, it's small hand bombs covered with jawbreaker candy...the white with blue and red splotches. Janine could look innocent licking it, then throw it at any enemy. Explodes on contact. She'll need a bag of it though...practical military candy!
    It's fun in a sense. "Price Anarchy" can also be a fanfic. XD Queen Janine (Hey, it rhymes!) Plus, you know the legend on moon bunnies? Well, in her opinion, bunnies rule the moon because of the legends. Her reasoning for degrading Theresa? "Wolves howl at the moon. They essentially bow down."

    Queen Janine and a reluctant King Alex of the Moon! XD Everyone is discontented, Queen Janine doesn't care, she wants Alex to kiss her and get in bed with her...marry her. XD Theresa is part of the Moonstone Palace sect of the rebellion. Alex shouldn't know Theresa's condition, as Janine would lie and convince him that Theresa is "well taken care of". When he sees Theresa's state of living...he sees past Janine's lies about the colony and its state. XD

    She's a fun villain, because she's a different kind of psycho. Theresa and the resistance are working to assasinate Janine and allow Alex to lead. As Theresa's reasoning goes.

    "If the moon has to be ruled by a rabbit according to whatever...I want that rabbit to be you. The Moon...the colony deserves more...and I think you can be that leader. Everyone knows a wolf couldn't."

    What do we do with Corporal X and his gang? Kill them, or allow Theresa to interfere and give them a chance to explain? I'd like Theresa to try out her scythe. XD
    Yeah...Janine acts like a 12-year-old...even younger than 10 on her most extreme days. XD It's what makes her so funny. XD I'll make Chibi-human Janine in street clothes and a lollipop...and a basket! XD Mind you, her motif colors for me are white, light gold and candy pink. Her C-Gear should be pink, considering Alex's is black and Theresa's is crimson red. XD

    Yeah...Easter Bunny. Alex's birthday should be around Easter too...gives her a reason to claim they're destined! She's his Easter and Birthday Bunny! XD

    I can imagine Part Five to turn out to be a half-crack RPG called "Price Anarchy" or something. XD Takes place on the Moon, 1 year after, Alex is virtually forced onto Janine and Theresa becomes an indentured servant forced to do menial work because Janine hates her and deems her "stupid" and a "mutt". The M.O....topple the Price Regime. Douglas Price should have passed away...Janine could have killed him...and she becomes a dictatorial and inefficient leader, caring only for herself and leaving the moon colony in disrepair, focusing her efforts on having Alex. XD

    I'll chibi the trio in human form and in street clothes. XD
    Yeah, she seems to be the icky-sweet type who doesn't smoke or drink. Theresa used to smoke but quit after her vanity got the better of her. Lots of "dog breath" jokes please. XD Another excuse for some remarks.

    Janine is a real Air sign...there's lots of air in her head.Libra is actually supposed to be ironic. Alex fits the Diamond birthstone and the leadership qualities, so I went with Aries...an April birthday seems good (April 1...as an irony, considering he's serious?). Theresa is dark, complex and shrouded in mystery, plus more sensual than Janine, so Scorpio.

    Yeah...candy is a drug for her. Make her order the Grunts around for candy bags. Now I see her with one of those jumbo-sized rainbow swirl lollipops. XD She should have a candy bag full of candy when out in battle. XD I think one of her favorites should be Jawbreakers...they're her color! XD She virtually looks like a bunny carved out of a Jawbreaker.

    I see Janine as one who fantasizes about being a fairytale princess, with a "knight". Yes, she never grew out of those fairytales. Theresa on the other hand never had a good childhood...and thankfully does not remember it. So she virtually never had one. Not even Callie being her own sister, mind you.
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