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Avenger Angel

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  • Just asking, can I
    A) Still use Tyler (I see you use your character but I just need to find out a way to reinvent him.)
    B) Go all double spy. (Spy for both BA and TGP, but loyal only to TGP?)
    Uhhh what do you mean? It is a Pokemon RPG. They wonder through, find out the plot, save the world, complete their dreams and happy end.
    Cool..Snowshoe works! XD Disregard the last part of my PM. XD

    I guess Alex can think of Janine's codename after Theresa calls Janine "Snow Bunny". XD Two of her moves should seriously be Ice Punch and Thunder Punch...or any Ice/Lightning.

    Yeah. Theresa wants to have herself "fired up". Plus, expect the comment "I was never a child" to pop up sooner or later, making them suspicious. XD
    Hey Neo. Listen, I was away for a LONNGGGGGG time but even after that long absence, would you take a look at an application for Operation Chimera?
    It's about our group traveling through Unova dealing with Neo Team Rocket made out oof the remnants of other groups and a surprise secondary villain
    The sign-up post was locked because of circumstances regarding the original co-GM. So yeah, you want me to send you and example of a sign-up?
    Bravo Bird? XD She has funny taste in names. XD Will Alex make her change it? I dunno, Janine sounds more like a "Glimmer", "Nova" or "Aurora"...something light-related...I personally like "Nova". XD

    I'm going to like having Theresa suggest a name (which we both can agree on) and her grudgingly agreeing. Theresa's other codename would either be "Fenrir" (Norse mythology) or "Marchosias" (She-wolf demon from the Ars Goetia)

    As I said, Theresa is cold and calm, she won't get angry, but rather reply this way:

    "Who said I have a sweet tooth anyway, Snow Bunny? Keep your sweeties to yourself, I'm a chili kind of girl."

    Good enough...or it's better for her to raise an eyebrow and ignore? I like either reaction, so I'll need you to help me. XD

    Let's think of possible sane codenames for Janine. XD
    After reading jiggly's post, I feel like I have seen that scene before. Like around the lines of Salavation Crusade, except now it is one of my partners getting hit by the blast. Also, I rather not have Lucario killed yet, but I left the option open to jiggly as her post left some wiggle room. Nonetheless, I should not be the master of her fate as I am actually feeling rather bias about it for once. Unless, of course, as the GM, you say otherwise.
    I had a rather funny thought come to me. I wonder how a conversation would go if Jacob met Janine again. I think I once read in the first zombie RPG of this entire running of the series that Janine helped start the Chimera Project. As such, would it be too far fetched to say that she was there at Jacob's testing facility, and if so, I wonder how that conversation would go if Jacob actually did find Alex and Janine. I'm pretty sure that Jacob's Scyther side would "remember" her even if she looks different.
    I used to be in a relationship. I had one girlfriend, but then I found out the hard way she was a furry.

    Since then, I haven't really been too keen on getting into another one...
    :( You poor thing.
    Neo Pikachu, can you please do me a favor and link me to the exact PS brushes you used in your Fragmentation tutorial please.
    Posted! I gave Alex and Janine Red Tauros. XD Have her complain and say that lemon sparkling soda is better. (What would be the Pokemon equivalent of Shasta soda or Mirinda?)

    Operation mindwipe worked! Theresa does not remember her first 18 years of life, therefore, is now fearless and will no longer suffer any "fear rages" and "fear flashes". Kuudere Theresa FTW XD

    Janine should think that something's up. Then they both realize that she went to lie down in Project Lethe. XD Alex could question the operators on what exactly did they see and erase. XD
    So, you shut down your Art Shop. Shame, it was really good. You should continue your art. It is amazing. Your future is lit with boundless possibilities, as well as several paths to take. You must take the right path. Good luck in college, and in the years afterwords. Cheers.
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