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Avenger Angel

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  • Heyya there. Not sure if you'd check the sign-up threads, so I thought I'd bring it to your attention here too: What do you think about maybe making a few maps to visually mark territory between the factions? That could make it easier for people to understand what belongs to who and such. Or maybe just a list of the towns each faction controls, though a map with marked territory would be interesting.
    sorry you closed. it seemed like a lot of work. if you had a shorter waiting list, like 3 people... jk, i dunno your schedule
    Yeah! XD Later on, she'll start demanding for sparkling sodas by the crate. Lemon-flavored to match her electric-sparkle theme. She'll also have to find the color purple dusgusting. Theresa's poison mixtures usually end up purple.

    Don't forget to make her force Alex to change his Wakizashi's infusion from poison to freezing by pouring liquid nitrogen all over it. Her reasoning? "Northern Lights!" or "Frost Novas!" or "Auroras!" Theresa will insist that the Electric Boomerang already has stunning effects. Janine will counter that two poisons are useless too. They will have to settle on the compromise "Burning" instead. XD

    If the three of them had Pokemon stats...which stats do you think each would excel in? XD

    My thoughts on each one's starters from the five regions:

    Alex: Charizard, Feraligatr, Swampert, Infernape, Emboar/Samurott
    Theresa: Blastoise, Typhlosion, Sceptile, Torterra, Samurott/Emboar
    Janine: Venusaur, Meganium, Blaziken, Empoleon, Serperior

    Not sure about the Unova starter of Alex and Theresa...which do you think suits which? Theresa isn't that defensive, plus Janine is much more feminine. XD Do you think the list sounds suitable? Which starters do you think suits which?
    Yeah, plus she can argue with Theresa that electricity is cooler than poison. XD She'll say "It sparkles! anything that sparkles is prettier!".

    Janine should now be obsessed with...anything that sparkles. A result of sparkling electric boomerang. Yes, sparkling sodas, glittery candy, sparkling wine...silver sprinkles...mirror balls. Her "uniform" should be a sparkling version of everyone elses. Maybe silver where the grey is supposed to be.
    Let's just make Theresa forget only up to the point she ran away so she would be both totally fearless and totally guiltless. Kuudere FTW.

    Boomerang? Cool! Shaped like angel wings too! Electric, to counter Theresa's poison. XD Funny how Theresa's name means "Reaper". I like the idea of Janine having a zapping boomerang. With Theresa no longer haunted, she can easily suggest it to be electric because it isn't covered yet.

    Get ready to bring a sleeping Theresa into Project Lethe maybe three or more of our posts later. End result: Back to calm but ruthless.
    So...could I initiate with asking an official in the Mistralton Bunker on what "that weird machine" is, and Alex overhears? I really want to make her forget. XD

    Alex using a Wakizashi gives me strange ideas on Theresa using a weapon...a giant scythe. Fits with her image and could help her when guns are ineffective. With no memory of her past, no guilt and a scythe...she'd be totally cool! XD Janine should also get a weapon...a cute one...Magical Girl Wand! XD Joke...giant Shuriken! Giant Chakram! A cannon arm fitted over her own arm! XD Maybe even an electric whip...give her a bit of a dominatrix vibe....plus still retains the crazy Yandere implications. XD
    Hey I saw that you cant run ur shop anymore well could you teach me how to make some of the stuff u do??
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