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Avenger Angel

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  • Trust me- Horton will totally get you... with SCIENCE!
    He has a twisted plan, already I have it down... and you will never be the wiser... :p

    I luv your character, although I never imagined N would do that... eh, whatever.
    ahhh, fun.


    i was just wondering where you were taking that, now it makes more sense.


    are you quitting the gijinka rp?

    your last post seemed to kind of sound like that.


    Just wondering in pokemon Gijinka Acadamy, if u could post your charcaters speech if you want to. If not, VM me pls.
    Well, the deed is done... and I feel bad... Zaria's so... deluded. She thinks it's justice...

    Better start composing some flashbacks. Since no one signed up [for Blackfield], mind if I sorta flashback-bunny 'Uncle Blackfield'?
    sorry, I saw your VM to Niihyl... and yes, Musica is a freelancer at the moment, and he already left the sub...

    By freelancer, i mean he won't be on any side at the moment, but will choose a side later on.

    EDIT: oh, and if you didn't understand how I got into the ship, the two Ralts evolutions used Teleport.
    lxdarknessxl's character is confusing me. Whose side is he on? And did he just warp into your sub? Again... On my phone... Will post as soon as I get home. Death to the sub!
    In Bloodwater...

    Whee h-e-e (why does it censor that...). I figured I'd start some conflict up. This'll be interesting.

    So how do you think the conflict should go? My PvP RPG Cafe thread seemed to imply the best conflicts were pre-decided by the RP-ers. I figure that Zaria (zealot as she is) will continue to attack... luckily for her, they've disregarded it.
    okay. It doesn't really matter how short it is, as long as it's above the minimum requirements, and is detailed.

    (You know, I'm pretty good at essays. I prefer essays than worksheets. XO)
    It's fine, as long as you get to the RP when you get back from your vacation. If you give up on the RP, I'll get angry! You don't want to see an Angry Asian, do you?
    Ouch. Wish I could help somehow, but I don't think I'd be very helpful.

    Still, good luck on the RP (even if you seem to think it'll die soon)
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