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Avenger Angel

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  • Gods, I wanna join the new Necrosis! But I done EFF'ed up during the last run, so I'm not sure..
    They get my seal of approval, but not exactly Eris's, given how they don't seem... You know, bloodthirsty. XP
    Couple clarification questions about Shadow Necrosis, because there's a lot of emphasis on the Spells and only a little bit of mention of other forms of power in the world. (I'm guessing the spells are kind of paramount?)

    Does Mega Evolution have any benefits? Is it, like, a way to rebalance your physical attributes? (As in, Strength/...Spellcasting power?/Agility/Raw Speed/Durability). Are normal pokemon moves effective/available? How about weapons, since they're mentioned at the top when mentioning technology? Lastly, there's "Using one of these counts as your special faction spell for the post" for all the special spells/abilities, are there any other special post restrictions? The way it's written like that implies it was part of a larger framework (as opposed to just putting "Can only use one of these per post, excluding passives" at the top of the abilities section) so I just wanted to clarify.
    Eh, I haven't seen you in ages! Good to know you're still around.

    Thanks, merry christmas to you too!
    YOU! You came back at some point and you didn't tell me? Shame on you!!
    How are you?
    Well, we aren't very far. Just some talking going on, and no one's followed up yet on my started plot yet.
    Hey Avenger. I wanted to check and see if you still had any interest in AHD still. You haven't posted yet and while it's been a slow update for everyone, it's not dead.
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