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Jun 16, 2012
May 4, 2011
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December 26
the races

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ooh, yeah, wow., from the races

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Jun 16, 2012
    1. Zhanton

      What are you studying in college/uni, if I may ask?

      Hmmm, I suppose it would have been hard to just stand by whilst others hyped up the album, which is sort of why I had to make my comments about Lana :x Honestly I didn't think BTW was that overly impressive either, and also much preferred TF(M) as well, mainly due to the music once again. I think at times Lady Gaga tries a bit too hard to be controversial/cater to the extremes/etc and that sort of irks me. *shrugs* Well at first I didn't really like Bloody Mary, but I think it was you who GASPed when I said that and later on I gave it more listens and I really like it now. (Y)

      Hahaha :P I mean, we did get some great people this year, but as can be expected when you have a main game released, you get a lot of newcomers, and most of them are annoying, nya~ But yes I think we found the same people irritating :P
    2. Geekachu
      Damn. This Harry Potter talk has reminded me of how I forgot to sign up for Pottermore. Now, whenever I visit the site, I just see J.K. Rowling and a stupid reminder that I can't sign up atm :( Here's Rupert, if you're not on your iPhone. I've heard a lot of positive things about the Hunger Games, so I desperately want to read the series. I need to do more recreational reading, really.

      Mylo Xyloto was a concept album (I think), but I doubt the story was as cliched as the Metropolis-inspired Monae album. I've nothing against concept albums, it just feels that Monae's is all too familiar. I might listen if the critics liked it.
    3. Geekachu
      I might catch a listen of whatever Janelle Monae's made, mainly because quite a few people seem enthusiastic about it, or it could just be Terrakion getting excited. In all honesty I'm not sure what to think about the concept of Monae's work. I appreciate the effort and creativity behind it all, but I think it's just a little bit gimmicky. Anyway. Never heard of Kimbra.

      I'd be an awful teacher too. When asked to explain something to someone, I tend to explain it in a way in which I can easily understand, which usually ends up me getting frustrated at how they can't understand. Plus, I could easily imagine the kids getting really annoying.

      A 'grandma jamming to Adele' is certainly an amusing image. Feisty grandma! I think it's just those four tracks in particular which let the album down. I'm not sure whether she felt pressured to make something epic, or that she genuinely thinks they're good tracks. Particularly amongst the fan communities, it'll be hard for Gaga to make another revered album, considering that most fans think that The Fame Monster is some sort of godsend. It may just be me being pessimistic, but I think Adele faces a similar predicament. I think that it almost borders on dangerous that 21 blew up so big in such a short time, so there's a huge pressure for Adele to top that.

      I haven't really been invested enough in Sheeran to actually give all of his work a listen (mainly, I'm put off by his fanbase), but I quite like that one in particular. It's another plus that Rupert Grint's in the official video. Hooray for Ron!
    4. Geekachu

      Yeah, you have lots of options with English. At the moment, my sister's doing Psychology and English at Uni, and next year I think she's going to major in English because of all the career opportunities it offers. Plus, she says that there are like three times as many people in Psychology, and majoring in it's too expensive. Haha, I could understand why you wouldn't want to be a teacher. Personally, that's the last thing on my career list.

      I think Adele's commercial success is easily explained by the fact that her music is universal, in that some of my female friends connect to her music as much as my Mum does (lol.) I can't really imagine my mother singing along to Judas or S&M though, for some reason. Part of which makes BTW less favourable to people is that, for one, it's not as catchy as her previous two efforts, and two, it's bogged down by tracks as such as Electric Chapel, Americano, Bad Kids and Highway Unicorn. Without them it would have been a lot better as a collective piece.

      Not sure if you'd like this. Basically, Ed Sheeran is this ginger musician who's blown up in the UK, since his down-to-earth acoustic music resonates with the Hooray Henrys and the chavs (white trash) who think they're being cultured by listening to non-synthesised music. Basically, I hate his first two singles, but I quite enjoy this one, as much as I don't like to admit it. Wondering if you do :?
    5. Kreis
      Man, I wish I had a radio station that plays Kelly Clarkson all the time. The local radio stations here rarely play Kelly, and when they do it's just Since U Been Gone. Other than the singles she's promoting, it's just that one song they play.

      Have you heard that Kelly's doing a cover of Florence + The Machine for her tour?
    6. Geekachu
      Nice, good luck then! I can't say much about Political Science since my knowledge of politics just borders on the typical right/left wing generalisations. What careers are you thinking of?

      Honey c*nt? Oh lord that's awful, but hilarious at the same time :L Out of everyone on this forum, I would least expect you to use that word! I suppose everyone has their character then. I don't Honey Queen, but I've got such a burning contempt for Koopa flipping Troopa.

      I thought you'd appreciate it. Most Kanye videos are filled with snub complaints, but I've kind of just dealt with it now. Completely ridiculous, though. The reasons for Mars' and Rihanna's appearances in that category have completely eluded me, but I suppose Adele's a worthy winner, at least.
    7. Geekachu
      Yup, I know about the critics' choice award, although I'm not really a fan of the BRITs. I wouldn't say that I'm a fan of Jessie J, either. She's an amazing, incredible, live vocalist but, as I've said before, she could not write a chorus or a cohesive album if her life depended on it. Domino's quite infectious, it's just a shame that it's a Katy Perry song. I just find Jessie J to be (musically) overrated.

      She is a fantastic live vocalist. Don't get me started on that VMA's performance. Babyonce's coming any minute.

      Haha, road rage. I tend to develop nemeses on the online play, in that I'll find someone who annoys me and just use them as a punch bag. It tends to be when their Mii looks too happy, if they use a B-Dasher/Monster combination, or are playing as Koopa Troopa. The Blue Shell's a bit of a byotch though, yeah.

      Masters in English, I presume?


      I dont understand the grammys. They are old guys who are supposed to be "intellects." if they were real intellects, they would understand the themes in this album and how groundbreaking musically it was. I'll tell you why kanye didnt get the AOTY nod. THE GRAMMY'S ARE SCARED OF SOMEONE SO POWERFUL. You go Kanye. You've proven yourself to us (your fans). You are a musical genius. You are intelligent. You are a RAP GOD. **** those who say otherwise, including Grammy voters.
      lol found it on a Kanye West video on YouTube. Partly the reason why I don't partake in YouTube commenting, but still disappointing that they snubbed Kanye.
    8. Geekachu
      I've heard of Emile Sande, since she's done a few things on my side of the pond, yes. Coincidentally, a music video of her's came on the other day and I thought that you might like her. How psychic am I? That Beyonce cover's pretty cool. She's a good live vocalist.

      Yeah, pretty much. I find that success on Mario Kart's online play is partly down to the players you're put with. I can win races if I'm placed with some gentlemanly folk, but I'll completely crash and burn if I'm paired with assholes. I've also found that on online the blue shell is just a general life-wrecker. I can be beating a load of players who have 1.5x my VR, but then a blue shell will go an ruin it all. I've been in countless races where that damned thing has ruined my chances.

      I still need to get back into the working mood, which is a rare mood for me anyway.
    9. ~Lati~
      I'm probably lacking the flair for artistic placement, but I'll give it a shot.
    10. Geekachu
      Glad you like it. I haven't seen the VEVO video, just tend to listen, but I'm sure it's lovely. He's a great singer, and also an X Factor winner if that spices things up. His first single was utter tripe, but I love this one. People tend to criticize X Factor winners for being too manufactured, but I think he's quite a cool musician.

      Oh my mary the way your VR's increasing is KRAE-Z. I haven't really been playing much on MK7 recently. Good thing too, you're probably terrorising the online matches.
    11. ~Lati~
      Wow, I'm impressed! The only artistic talent I have is music, and even that's small.
    12. ~Lati~
      Love your signature! Who's the artist, if you don't mind me asking?
    13. Ausgirl
      Would you happen to have a DWM Magikarp which knows bounce? I'm prepared to offer any breedable pokemon in my trade shop -see sig.
    14. Geekachu
      Yeah I gathered. My no one cares point wasn't actually serious anyway, considering that my only reasoning was because Sexy and I Know It went to No. 1 there :p I guess we should let Terrakion have his fun.

      Have you listened to the song yet? :(
    15. Zhanton
      So I guess you're probably finished the series by now then? Which means we can have SUPER COOL HUNGER GAME CONVOS WOOOHOOOOOO!

      Having an evil family like that would be terrible hahaha :P So you're in college/uni now I take it?

      Yeah I guess that makes sense; after all, if a song doesn't come to your head straight away, it obviously wasn't that memorable. I like your thinking. (Y)

      Awwww :[ Well everyone's got haters, you've just got to make the decision to ignore them I guess. But yeah I agree with you in that I didn't think BTW was mind-blowing; sure, there were some tracks that I adored, but a lot of it was rather hit and miss. I mean, honestly, there were at least six or so tracks that I didn't like whatsoever, which is surprising. (I did, however, really like 'The Queen' for some reason hahaha but once again I don't see the big deal about HML. *shrugs*) Here's to hoping they won't tear you apart in 2012! :D

      Also, I would like to award to you the zhanton Medal for Outstanding Newbies for 2011! Only those who joined in 2011 were eligible for this prestigious award, and given the large number of users we had join last year you would've thought it would be a tough choice, but it really wasn't that difficult especially given at least 2/3 of the new users were irritating to the extreme, nya~ So yeah, enjoy your medal and stuff. (Y)
    16. Kreis
      Haha. Thanks.

      It was just sad seeing them obviously wanting to have the "privilege" of being the thread creator.
    17. Geekachu
      The Gold Kart works really well with the mushroom wheels, it's practically (almost) all rounded in that respect. And it looks gurd B) Haha. I'm quite an indecisive person, so when I see a banana in front of me, I'm torn between moving to the left or right, in which case I end up balancing my choices and heading straight onwards :(

      I found it to be very enjoyable, and I couldn't understand why so many in the thread were so quick to dismiss it as boring and inferior to her previous works. If anything, I feel it's a lot less pretentious than "Sasha Fierce", and it's really genuine, and just an all round strong piece of work. And just love the unconventionality of it's understatement ^___^ Yeah, Countdown is a good one, as is Love On Top. Hehe, Babyonce is one lucky baby. I kind of feel that it will be treated well too, and not glamorised like Suri Cruz or Madonna's cultural mix. I really quite appreciate how her marriage to Jay-Z has stayed strong and hasn't been as farcical as other celebrity marriages, it just shows that the typical excuse of 'celebrity marriage being difficult' is totally unfounded.

      Meh, I don't take much notice in the world year-end ones, although it's indefinitely going to be Adele. In the UK, 21's gone 14x platinum. Ikr omg mindblown.

      Oh, and I was wondering whether you would like this. I really like it, and I thought you might be someone else who would enjoy it too.
    18. Geekachu
      Change that to I've hit 10,000! I've got the Gold Kart. It's pretty sexy. I can't wait to pimp out online.

      Haha- I remember that Tanooki manoeuvre! It wasn't meant to hinder you, I was just in that mood. Your strategy and combination do seem to be working in your favour, you're doing very well. I don't tend to have a strategy, in that I just bomb it down the track without too much thought. Although, I have an awful tendency to run into items (awful reaction time.)

      Anyway, I was going to post in the thread, but have you listened to Beyonce's "4"? I listened to it last night, and I found it to be very enjoyable. In short, I just liked that it was genuine, understated, and sublimely produced. I think it's quite underrated, to be honest. Everyone in the pop music thread dismisses it for not doing so well commercially, and because it doesn't have the usual run-of-the-mill Femme Fatale dance tracks, but I really liked it.

      You'll also be happy to know that Adele's done very well in year-end UK charts. I'll post later. Happy new year!
    19. Geekachu
      Yeah, my Christmas was great too, thanks :) I'm still quite surprised that it's almost the end of the year already, hopefully 2012 will be a good one.
    20. Zhanton
      Woohoo! Honestly it'll be almost impossible to not finish the book by mid-January; it's one of those books that just grabs you by the neck and is thus impossible to put down, seriously. Yeah, the trailer really did a good job and I'm definitely optimistic about the movie now. (: Honestly, just putting it out there, but the moment I was referring to is undoubtedly the most beautiful moment in the whole series.

      Totally agree with you :] I wish her singles would perform better on the charts at times, but her albums are always hugely successful and that's great :3

      :D So double presents, then?

      Yeah, I'll post my list by year's end as well, and I'm keeping up with the tradition and posting my Top 50 on my blog, so I've got to start writing that eventually haha :P I'm really leaning towards putting Adele at the top of my list; it's silly to say that she hasn't completely blown me away with her voice. But at the same time, there have been amazing songs by Florence, Coldplay, Bon Iver, Boy & Bear, and then there's the more radio-friendly songs like Superbass that I adore, and then there's Pumped Up Kicks and Price Tag...gah, why must I be so indecisive D:

      CONFESSION TIME. When you first appeared in the Pop Thread and spoke 'against' Gaga (it wasn't really against her as such, but you didn't throw your full support for her haha) I was honestly worried for your life because I knew a lot of the Pop Thread people would try and tear you apart. I'm glad you didn't get torn apart by them (much), though. :]
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