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Last Activity:
Jun 16, 2012
May 4, 2011
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December 26
the races

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ooh, yeah, wow., from the races

Aviere was last seen:
Jun 16, 2012
    1. Arsène
      Happy Birthday.
    2. Zhanton

      I'm glad that you like her and don't write her off like a lot of other people hahaha :P Honestly I haven't heard of the Civil Wars but I just google'd them and if their debut album hit the Top 20 on the US charts I guess they must be more than decent so I'll give them a listen I guess. But yes oh my gosh Safe and Sound is amazing. If they play it at a certain point in the movie which I'm not going to disclose in case you haven't read The Hunger Games but are planning to or you just don't like to be spoiled, well, if they play it in that aforementioned part of the movie I'm willing to wager that there won't be a single dry eye in the theatre.

      Thanks :]

      So, have you read The Hunger Games trilogy? ^_^

      Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D :D

      beeteedubzzz seriously Aviere making my Top 50 Songs of (Year) list is so difficult. It takes ages to decide on a number 1, and this year I'm tossing up between like six songs @.@
    3. Geekachu

      I hope you had a good Christmas, too :)
    4. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
      Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
      Happy birthday and late Merry Christmas/Merry Christmas!
    5. Kreis
      I know, I think I'll download that mash-up. Haha.

      I like this version of Never Again better than the original, too. The original is great, but this version feels so raw. I feel like she's allowing us to see how hurt she was when she wrote this song. Love it. Too bad she didn't alter the other songs on the EP much, nevertheless this alternate version of Never Again is a gem.
    6. Kreis
      Typically I don't like mash-ups, but I heard one between Kelly's My Life Would Suck Without You and Adele's Someone Like You. I don't know why, but I think it's really good and I just had to show you.

      Also, while we're at it, here's Kelly's iTunes session of Never Again:

      I love that version so much. Everything else on the EP isn't really different at all, so I'd say this is the only track worth downloading.
    7. Zhanton
      Yes, don't you worry, I did see the subtext hidden at the bottom. I totally understand where you're coming from. (Y)

      And Merry Christmas, Aviere. I know I haven't really spoken to you much but from what I've gathered from my infrequent posting and lurking in the Pop thread, you're a really cool person with a fairly sound taste in music (ohohohoho). :]
    8. Geekachu
      You have to get it- it's free! And I sent you a message.

      At least I think I did.
    9. Geekachu
      Ah, lucky you. I've got some work to do, (and revision- exam in January, eek), but at the moment I couldn't be less bothered- unfortunately.

      I wasn't doing as well in those races, I run into items too much. But I was shocked at how high your VR had risen in that short time! But you are very good now- you're quite the Dick Dastardly on the race track.

      And you should go to the Nintendo e-shop and download the new messaging app/thing :)
    10. Zhanton
      Gahhhh I feel really bad now. I'm sorry for being a bit rude to you and the others (but mainly you since it was a direct response to your post) about Lana, I didn't mean for it to turn out as it did. You do make a valid point regarding sharing music and everything. LET'S PUT THIS BEHIND US SHALL WE? :P
    11. Geekachu
      Gosh! You were on when I left and on when I came back.

      You also pull some sly moves, too ;)
    12. Geekachu
      The thing is with Robyn is that she's been quite critically revered yet I really can't get into her music. Especially 'Dancing on my own': the critics loved it but I thought it was appalling, but there you go.

      Yeah, same. I still like the Blue 7 + Sponge Wheels, but there are many others I like. I thought that I wouldn't like the cart customisation, but surprisingly I actually quite love the personalisation aspect of it. Plus it also means that, unlike the Wii, there's not a particular vehicle which everyone just overuses.

      Me too! I found it a lot easier than the Wii (which I've still yet to achieve.) However, it took me a while because there were certain cups which would literally just not let me get a perfect 40/40 score.
    13. TheStrange1
      Aviere My Mom Is a Big (Adele) Fan she loves 1 of her songs called (Rolling In The Deep)
    14. Geekachu
      cba to write sentences so...

      - One thing which annoyed me about Tulisa, was how she completely dented Misha's image. I thought that her bullying accusations were completely out of order (for when they were said) and it was completely unprofessional too. It could have easily come off as a ploy to get rid of the competition. And yeah Kelly ruined Janet.
      - I have to say, I've never understood the hype around Robyn. As an artist, she's never really excited me.
      - Flo's vocals were great. Still love What The Water Gave Me :)
      - That's a cool combination. My previous favourite combination was the bumble-v with the mushroom tires, so yours is a good choice. I still love mine, though. The sponge wheels are just a dream on corners. They're really brilliant.
    15. Geekachu
      I mainly like them because I'm not very good at other things. Take for one, my reactions and observational skills are appalling, so I tend to run into items. I like to think that on drifting-orientated courses I have a bit of an advantage :p

      Yeah, it's a bit crappy of her not to do her job. I could probably understand if it was a closer call, or if they were both in her category, but it's simply her job, HOW COULD RACHEL BE SENT HOME? Haha, she is the Disney type.

      Ah, so you follow the UK one too? I think it was nice that a group won, for a change. Marcus was good, and given the right producers/writers he could make a decent record. Same for Misha and Janet, imo. Speaking of the X Factor, I was wondering if you've seen this performance yet. It's amazing, I'm really in love with Mylo Xyloto right now.
    16. Geekachu
      I just fiddled around to find my preferred combination, which is:

      Blue Seven for speed and for aesthetic coolness
      Sponge wheels for moderate speed and better handling, plus they go with the kart body better than the Mushroom ones
      Parafoil, for purely aesthetic reasons.

      And ofc Shy Guy. I just mix Speed with handling, which has worked out well for me. I think that too many people focus on speed, meaning they lose out on control. Hence, I play this to my advantage, hence why I choose and tend to do well on courses which require drifting as their main focus (Koopa City, Bowser Castle.) hehe :p

      I also just looked up who Rachel was (US X Factor) and HOW DARE THEY. I saw her first audition, she was great. 'Hey, I'm a gurl, I need my own bathroom'
    17. Geekachu
      Same :) I had to leave because Ponyo's on the TV, and simultaneously playing on Mario Kart and trying to watch it wasn't working out (great film, btw.)

      I'll be sure to race you again! Good look on your finals too :)
    18. Geekachu
      Meh, you'll pick them up. Congrats on Mushroom Gorge too ;)
    19. Geekachu
      I've practically been unable to separate myself from the game since I got it :(

      You're very good for someone who just got the game today- when I first went on Wi-Fi I had no clue (mainly because I hadn't been on some of the courses before.) Well played on Cheep Cheep Cape :)
    20. Geekachu
      You've 'forced' me back into playing, despite all the work I've got.

      I'm racing against you now, btw ;)
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    the races
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