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  • No prob and thanks to you too! Feel free to hit me up if you get more Shinies~ Hahah thanks! I use them for communicating in random trades, but also use them as you saw.
    Oh, did you need more than just the originals back? Like more clones?
    Whoops, hadn't been checking. Still need to clone then I'd be ready!
    Sure! I am around from the time of this message for most of my day! (I may have to go out but have no plans to do so yet hahah.)
    No worries, neither have I hahah. Yes I will be! But not my Sunday as I am out of town.
    Sorry, I've been out all afternoon. I doubt you'll be on again in time but I should be around for the next 4 hours.
    Welcome to my world lol. I should be free on the weekend which is much easier! Then I'm around for pretty much all of your afternoon. Absolutely no rush hahah. c:
    Wow, unfortunately that didn't work out at all. Sorry about that! I had to be in the capital and didn't get home until waaaaaay later than intended. >>
    Hopefully I'll be around in the afternoons for the next few days though so I'll try ti be on and around!
    I'm back in town if you want to take the frillish; I will be at my grandparents house with a different router, so we could try a "standard" trade again
    Looks like I missed you when you got on yesterday. Can you send me a VM the next time you are available to trade? I'd really like to fit our trade in soon. The last VM I sent you has my final list of 17 that I want from you. I have your 17 ready.
    ok there are some things that i would like to trade for. Your s/f uxie, s/f cressillia, and your s/f ferrothorn. i will trade a s/f eevee timid nature, egg moves wish, fake tears, stored power, yawn. i have three other shiny lv1s but there are not flawless. so please tell me what else you want!
    I have the frillish, ev trained at lv 50. Let me know when you want to trade. I think I know how to make the gts work.
    I would love to, but I can't do it for the next 2weeks, as I am in Canada and my Internet connection sucks balls
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