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  • Sounds good I will take the karrablast off the list. So I think that puts your count at 17, here's what you want:
    adamant aipom (pusuit, fake out)
    modest shellos (earth power, water pulse), storm drain ability
    bold cottonee (encore)
    timid togepi (nasty plot)
    bold spheal (super fang)
    kaiser's bold larvesta (morning sun)
    adamant flygon (thunderpunch, firepunch, outrage)
    rash salamence (dragon pulse, roost, hydro pump, outrage)
    impish hippopotas (slack off, stealth rock)
    relaxed pineco (toxic spikes)
    timid eevee (wish, yawn, stored power, endure), HP Ice
    careful tynamo
    adamant rufflet, sheer force ability
    adamant absol (megahorn, superpower), super luck ability
    jolly zubat (brave bird, roost, super fang)
    jolly sneasel (low kick, pursuit, ice punch)
    kaiser's jolly tirtouga (sturdy ability, Lv 17 but no EVs)

    Here's the 17 I want then:
    careful dw eevee
    impish gligar
    bold yamask
    modest oshawott
    timid panpour
    jolly dw poochyena
    jolly heracross
    timid dw politoed (trained)
    modest omanyte
    jolly mankey
    jolly nobunaga's rayquaza
    timid sinjoh ruins dialga
    timid sinjoh ruins palkia
    adamant VGC larvitar
    timid keldeo
    flawless ho oh
    bold happiny

    Are you able to trade now? Or if not when can you trade next? Just a reminder again about getting the clone backs on everything. Thanks.
    I found a trader, but he mentioned using the gts. If I trained it for you and got it to a high level, you could likely find it the second I put it up. Let me know which method you would prefer.
    What is nature of your f/nf Ho Oh?
    I got that list of pokes that you wanted from me. I am working on sending you a list back of what I want from you. Just a couple notes about the pokemon you wanted:

    1) The timid eevee is nicknamed Hugo. I didn't even really notice it until now.
    2) The adamant karrablast has a Priemier Ribbon (Special Holiday Ribbon). I am not sure what the deal is with that. The OT is Jason with ID No. 41545. I always try to trade with the most reputable shops and people so I think it is legit. I just don't know what the deal with this is.
    3) The adamant rufflet is infected with PKRS.

    Anyway, I have everything you wanted serparated out and ready, I will get back to you soon with a list of what I am interested in.
    how bout shiny flawless ut bagon
    sheerforce dragon dance hydro pump naive nature(good for mixed attacker) i would really like this cloned first so i can still have one :)
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