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    Gameplay Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Nice to see Vine Whip's pp has been increased to 25, something that needed to happen for a long time.
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    Gameplay Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    This game has really got me excited for pokemon again, I haven't bought a game since diamond but I think I might give this one a shot.
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    Expanded Pokedex Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Did it show the level of magby in the video??
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    BW071: Obstacle Breakthrough! Climb The Tower Of The Sky!!

    So litwick will be a part of this episode in some way? Wonder when it'll appear...
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    BW071: Obstacle Breakthrough! Climb The Tower Of The Sky!!

    If it is that then praying to god that its axew who's wish is to evolve.
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    3rd Gen 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot!' Challenge Thread!

    People can give me more than one pokemon or we'll be here forever...
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    5th Gen 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot!' Challenge Thread!

    Charoshi, take a Koffing and call it Moggy-it must defeat 5 pokemon including a gym leaders by using self destruct to evolve (doesn't matter if koffing faints)
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    3rd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!

    woot21, take a skitty
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    3rd Gen 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot!' Challenge Thread!

    Just found my old emerald and fancied a challenge so i'm going to play through the game with a team of 9 that rotates. So give me a team of 9 please and the only limits are that I can't have pokemon of the same single type like 2 water types or 2 water flying types but i can have 1 water and 1...
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    Choose 20

    1. Mudkip 2. Weezing 3. Voltorb 4. Lillipup 5. Quilava 6. Shellder 7. Ampharos 8. Chimecho 9. Snivy 10. Togepi 11. Salamence 12. Skiploom 13. Weezing 14. Electrode 15. Aron 16. Minccino 17. Spheal 18. Ho-oh 19. Sentret 20. Cubone
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    Who's the most forgettable Pokemon?

    Have to say that alot of the pokemon that don't evolve are forgettable like qwilfish, shuckle tropius, dunsparce etc
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    BW052 - Nimbasa Gym!

    Thanks Really happy that the writers aren't using Pikachu in this gym because of the electric connection but i want to know more about Elesa's team
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    BW052 - Nimbasa Gym!

    Does that mean Pikachu and Palpitoad are battling?
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    Do you see the Unova League being formated similarly to the Sinnoh League?

    I want to see rotation battles as well as double and triple battles. It'd make it more varied to see how Ash handles all the different situations