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  • Hey...Good to see you back :)

    Can you make something good outta a shiny umbreon?
    How foolish of me to ask this....I'm sure you can ;)
    Welcome back on! :)
    Still no luck with the riolu?! Geez. I ended up restarting my file, I re-beat the main story and started Hideyoshi's story: Happily Ever After. On this file my main character has a vaporeon and glaceon (for now) and most warlords from the main story have fully evolved pokemon (haven't gotten to evolving the warlords themselves yet)
    These past two days I defeated most of the kingdoms. I beat Illusio and that gave me Terrera for free, and after much conquering I am at Nixtorm and its about May in the 3rd year :D which means I can probably beat Nobunaga before January of the 4th year and get 2 special missions unlocked (or so serebii says)
    Made my comment on the ribbon.....(I feels a bit bad that I didn't like it; and yes I added an "s" to "feel" on purpose and the only reason I wrote this part is because I didn't want to have to get rid of the "s" and I didn't want to look like a moron. Back to the main point of this message-->) Sorry but it's my honest opinion.
    Awww you just have to keep trudging on. Atleast you can use all these months for training, collecting money, etc.
    That darn Riolu is really elusive o.o
    Sure I'll leave a comment on your thread some time soon. It's the least I can do for all the Pokémon Conquest advice and for getting to see all your ribbons.

    Do you think that having other pokemon with your warlords is useful and worth doing? For example Nobunaga, serebii says, is best partnered with Hydreigon, Zekrom, and the Shiny Rayquaza. Do you think it is worth the time and effort to get all the extra legendary partners for my warlords or will one good partner be all I need?
    Not my favorite ribbon but it is nice (can't wait to see your 300th ribbon anniversary ribbon, the first 2 anniversary ribbons were some of the most splendid IMO)

    Wow O.O that is quite useful, though my favorite tip would be "Chrysalia: Use the big balls" xD
    Seriously though, thanks a bunches for all this help, I feel like conquering Conquest will be a 100 times easier.
    That's a shame, because I love kingdom hearts and am excited to see the cool ribbon designs.

    Sure, it wouldn't hurt to hear a couple strategies and tips to conquer kingdoms.
    Wow I never noticed the bell o.o
    Wigglytuff's new ability sounds amazingly useful especially since Oichi always has to be used in conquests. Is there a point in the game where you can attack a kingdom without yourself or her being in the attacking party?
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