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  • err, can you make that kecleon an ADAMANT one? just noticed its base attack is higher than base sp. attack lol. adamant or jolly
    What nature is it? Also Ill pm you a list but I can only do clone trades for most =/ as I only have one copy for most
    No no no I would never accuse you of hacks I trust every poke I get from you. Plus its already been traded =( it was my only one and I got that flawless crown event entei in cherish ball
    Hey ayvern I was wondering if you rember giving me a shiny groudon along time ago I think you just traded it as fodder. Eney way this trainer wants to trade me it for a entei and wanted to know if its a hack as its trainers name says groudon in japanese
    Ok so far I have these up me:Groudon need 3 for a shiny crown event entie Flawless(you may clone as well) me:Ash's pikachu 3 for shiny mew (you may clone as well) and a almost flawless ditto all 30's need 3 (won in a giveaway) (you may clone as well).
    just Hatched shiny riolu [impish] With Blaze kick + sky-uppercut + "fantastic" attack Iv. in about 90 eggs. i have a few you might want for breeding purposes, 1 with 31 sp.atck Iv, another with 31 speed IV, good for breeds yes?
    Ok ill be sure to let everyone know that I wont be taking trades for the next couple of days. Also ill be looking out for you and that skarmory. Is it on 4th gen?
    got a guy who wants a clone of gligar DW flawless jolly when u get on pm me immediatly got a shiny groudon to get cloned and I might have a flawless magnmite with hp fire if everything goes right
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