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Last Activity:
Nov 9, 2019 at 10:37 PM
Feb 28, 2008
Likes Received:
Apr 23, 1992 (Age: 27)
Frisco, Dallas, Texas

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Pokemon is fun!, 27, from Frisco, Dallas, Texas

azeem40 was last seen:
Nov 9, 2019 at 10:37 PM
    1. Shreyas
      Hey, I saw your RMT, and it's a little hard to read. Looks like the forum may have omitted all of your new lines.
    2. SkyDriver
      maybe a dumb question, but why is CB azumarill the only option in OU?
    3. Tsumiki
      Nah, competive isn't really my cup of tea
    4. Tsumiki
      Thanks a bunch!
    5. Tsumiki
      Hey, I need your permission for something

      As you've probably read, the Ingame tiers are kinda on a standstill because the Post where I post the tierings has reached it's character limit (50000). I've discussed this with a Mod and he's suggestin merging posts

      What this basically is, is that I'll make an extra post and 'merge' it your post (which is Post #3) which'll give me an extra pos to work with. You'll lost a Post Count, but I do hope you agree to this. Otherwise, I may have to make a new thread alltogether and I'd like to keep all the tierings within a single thread
    6. Dragonicwari
      Your welcome, just pm me whatever you have so far
    7. Dragonicwari
      If you really need help team building I'm always there to help someone, just pm me. Only warning is I haven't done much more than theory mon in the past few months and haven't had time to play competitively. Do not take that for me being bad at battling though :p
    8. jesusfreak94
      Well, for one thing, you just posted it 12 hours ago, about 1:00 on the morning where I live. You have to give us time to get around to that, since moderators can't be everywhere at once.

      However, your thread still won't be approved. It's more of a simple question than an actual discussion topic, so it really belongs in the Ask a Question thread.
    9. Purple_Tangrowth
      If I write you a visitor message, will you reply to it?
    10. Tsumiki
      As great as it is having you (or anyone) posting on the tiering thread, I'd appreciate it if you'd post more than a single line. It doesn't help that your signature is larger than what you usually post. Also, please Bracket your numberings. It makes it mych easier to spot when I need to skim through the post.

      Thanks in advance!
      Thanks for taking my thread int consideration, i posted an updated message saying some basic B/W teams (i really dont know much about 5th Gen at all at the moment)
    12. LadyTriox
      Hi :3 Wanna be friends? ^_^
    13. Tsumiki
      Please refrain from making posts that aren't related actual team rating

    14. Yo Shee
      Yo Shee
      Oh wow, that is a long time ago. What made you decide to come back on?
    15. Brightning
      hey u wanna have a battle?
    16. Yo Shee
      Yo Shee
      I figured that was the case. I didn't think I was ever going to see you on here again.
    17. Yo Shee
      Yo Shee
      Hey Azeem, I'm doing pretty good. I rarely sign on here anymore myself, but I tend to come back to visit over long breaks from school when I'm bored and don't have much else to do.
    18. spamolotz
      Remember me?
    19. Yo Shee
      Yo Shee
      No problem, it's cool. We hadn't talked in a long time anyway, have you been well?
    20. Yo Shee
      Yo Shee
      Hey man, happy birthday!
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  • About

    Apr 23, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Frisco, Dallas, Texas
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Love Pokemon, am really nice, will help anyone in need of help (both for Pokemon and anything else)

    Games and helping people


    In order to understand my train of thoughts,
    you'll have to put yourself in my position. You can't expect me to think like you because my life ain't like yours; You know what I'm sayin?

    - TI, Ready For Whatever
    Paper Trail.