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  • Hey, I saw your RMT, and it's a little hard to read. Looks like the forum may have omitted all of your new lines.
    Hey, I need your permission for something

    As you've probably read, the Ingame tiers are kinda on a standstill because the Post where I post the tierings has reached it's character limit (50000). I've discussed this with a Mod and he's suggestin merging posts

    What this basically is, is that I'll make an extra post and 'merge' it your post (which is Post #3) which'll give me an extra pos to work with. You'll lost a Post Count, but I do hope you agree to this. Otherwise, I may have to make a new thread alltogether and I'd like to keep all the tierings within a single thread
    If you really need help team building I'm always there to help someone, just pm me. Only warning is I haven't done much more than theory mon in the past few months and haven't had time to play competitively. Do not take that for me being bad at battling though :p
    Well, for one thing, you just posted it 12 hours ago, about 1:00 on the morning where I live. You have to give us time to get around to that, since moderators can't be everywhere at once.

    However, your thread still won't be approved. It's more of a simple question than an actual discussion topic, so it really belongs in the Ask a Question thread.
    As great as it is having you (or anyone) posting on the tiering thread, I'd appreciate it if you'd post more than a single line. It doesn't help that your signature is larger than what you usually post. Also, please Bracket your numberings. It makes it mych easier to spot when I need to skim through the post.

    Thanks in advance!
    Thanks for taking my thread int consideration, i posted an updated message saying some basic B/W teams (i really dont know much about 5th Gen at all at the moment)
    Hey Azeem, I'm doing pretty good. I rarely sign on here anymore myself, but I tend to come back to visit over long breaks from school when I'm bored and don't have much else to do.
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