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Last Activity:
Dec 2, 2009
Sep 4, 2008
Likes Received:
Pittsburgh PA
I wish!

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Darkria's Vassal, from Pittsburgh PA

Azelfsfriend was last seen:
Dec 2, 2009
    1. aragula19
      hey. sorry to bother, but do you have any pokemon with leaf storm to spare for trade?
    2. Fire master of the east
      Fire master of the east
      slacking man... slacking... whats happen to you anymore dude. lol
    3. White Wizard
      White Wizard
      I really like ur pic, they messy hair and all
    4. TomstarRule
      Oh ****s sake, I was here and I saw you were PMing and then you went, WE WERE ON AT THE SAME TIME! For about 5 seconds...

      OK, I'f you come back and see this, then stay where you are.
    5. Fire master of the east
      Fire master of the east
      hey my uu lovers group is a good size now.
      its not at 100 but its still high!!!
    6. TomstarRule
      Sorry, that was my fault I didn't stay awake, but if you could be here at about the same time you posted that VM, then that would be easier for me too.

      Sorry again
    7. TomstarRule
      Ive noticed that you're only ever on when it's three in the morning for me, I don't know an easy way around this other than for me to stay awake for a very long time tonight and for you to log on a bit earlier, Im not sure what timezone you're in but Im GMT+00.

      I'll try and get something sorted so we can trade tonight.
    8. Darkhonchcrow
      I can't. At the top it says invite only. Sorry for the inconvinince.
    9. Darkhonchcrow
      How do I join?
    10. LilPrinnyDood
      i understand people have lives and respect that but it takes to seconds to reply. sorry when i am invited to challenge a league i take it seriously. i applied while honchkrow was online and i challenged andrew the blastoise guy while he was online. the point is dont create something like a league unless your dedicated to it smartass. i have a life to but when i come on to check my messages i repsond to the people who sent them. I feel that "gym leader" who asks "do any challengers want to battle" then declines a challenge cuz he doesnt feel like battling me hell do it tomorrow then never show up, he should be revoked from his gym. If you as gym leader cant agree with that then that reflects on you. so "some people have lives" is pretty pathetic answer, try taking a responsible course of action next time.
    11. LilPrinnyDood
      hey im sorry to say but you should should seriously delete the UU league cuz just dont care apparrntly. I applied two days ago and honchcrow still hasnt added me. and i challenged andrew he said hed face me but he never came i waited all yesterday i seriously am gonna report you guys as a false league cuz thats just wrong. all three were on yesterday and none of you replied to me.
    12. LilPrinnyDood
      hey i like to challenge the league and earn my way into to the extra gym spot wheres the league section or who do i talk to
    13. Fire master of the east
      Fire master of the east
      hey you might want to post on Pokepocalypse....
      it kind of went dead like the uu lovers group. lol
    14. Rayquaza fanatic
      Rayquaza fanatic
      Why can't i join?
    15. ezequiel6566
      Wanna fight?
      FC: 5327 1191 3596

      UU battle preferred but you can use OU poke if u don't have UU

      I need your FC if u do wanna battle
    16. Fire master of the east
      Fire master of the east
      so yeah..... i got another note for my signature.... kind of upset but i understand.... sort of.....
    17. LilPrinnyDood
      lol I like profile avatar.
    18. Rayquaza fanatic
      Rayquaza fanatic
      can i join your group? i've read the rules and backstory, and i think it was a cool idea! ^_^
    19. Onyx Rayquazer
      Onyx Rayquazer
      Sorry, my sister has had the computer since I got back from work.
    20. HollowAvarice
      Why hola. I am interested in joining this little party. Mind sending me an invite?
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  • About

    Pittsburgh PA
    I wish!
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Just an easy going guy. A little absent minded, but we work through it.

    Pokemanz, yugiohz, video gamez, guitertars, foodz



    My UU Gym Badge, the Meteor Badge.
    I'm 5th gym leader in the league. *Gym is closed currently*
    Proud moderator of Pokepocalypse, a pokemon RP group: http://www.serebiiforums.com/group.php?groupid=1485
    FC: 2621-4106-0829