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  • Yeah, I've been waiting for someone to do that, because there's not that much for me to react to yet XD. Sullivan's a rather reactive character (with all that holier-than-thou attitude), so that's why I sent him with the group where stuff would be happening.
    -sees your convo with Vern- Oh shoot! I knew I forgot something. X/ Lanaya should be able to feel the wyrm right now as it's not trying to hide its presence. I'mma go edit that in my last post.
    Oh, right, about that: Are we gonna be heading over to the sinkhole or not? If we are, I can get us started there somehow.

    I probably won't be finished with both posts until tomorrow, and I want to get the up at the same time, so yeah...
    It'll be up soon XD, just got back at midnight and woke up like 2 hours ago, so I haven't gotten around to writing it yet. I'll try get it up either today or tomorrow, along with a post for Sully.
    Well, I don't think he'll feel any corruption as there won't be any. But he'll definitely feel a new life in the tunnel, assuming he can feel life even far away. A very large and ancient one. Okay. Well, he'll probably feel it soon. Either in my next post or the one after that. Though you're gonna have to wait for next weekend as I was too busy to make a post for this weekend.
    I answered the first part in the discussion thread. In your own way? Because I was going to have those not directly involved in the investigation still end up a part of it. Though it might take a while.

    What were you planning?
    Don't you mean Twitter? That's what I ended up getting a notification for. If you did mean Twitch, can you let me know your channel name so I know I'm getting the right person?
    I can't seem to access the discussion thread right now so I'm answering here.

    It seems you got mixed up 'cause the dog is still lunging at Kaede and I just said what would happen if she did get bitten. So do you think you could edit your post as you technically bunnyed Vern's character.
    Hey, AzerWrath. I really need to get things moving in the Digimon RP so I'm giving you until Saturday to post, all right?
    AzerWrath, you are matched up against Beautiful Savage for your Little Cup match. Do not hesitate to ask me any questions if you are unsure of how the proceedings will go.
    Yo, Azer, doesn't look like Cap'n's coming back for a while, but the decision falls to you whether you want to freeze the match with him, or cancel it.
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