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  • I have all the matches I'm in charge of open most of the time don't worry. It's just a really busy week for me right now.
    Please take note that I've been on TA for the majority of the week so far. I'll try to get to it when I can, but I am a busy person.
    Quick question, how many matches you have completed up to this point?

    Edit: going through your post history it actually shows none!
    Since you are a new trainer, you can place all 4 of your matches on serebii until you complete a minimum of 5 matches. Just a FYI. Happy battling!
    You can have 4 battles. Two per forum. If you have not completed 5 battles then you can place all 4 on Serebii. Cheers.
    You're the one who don't say what it was I did wrong. Was it just that I missed your last post?
    Gurl, I honestly don't know what you are referring to. Maybe I nerfed up something, that is a strong possibility, but what?
    I was hoping you were planning to continue with Digimon: Civil War. If not I'd like to know so I can move things along.
    Nah. Just a 'is she joking? Is she serious?' Comment about burning Nincada.
    Only error I saw was that Rosalie was already standing when holding Nincada. Other than that, it was fun. Expect a cold reply though.
    I don't think I thuroughly read your SU until I relpied, and was suprised by how similar they are in appearance. lol
    Nincada on her head!!!! I am laughing so much imagining this!!! you have any special wishes for how she will react?
    I wish it wasn't. I'm pretty sure I had approved two other people's worth of characters, but no one ever posted. I'll try posting again and see if that can get things moving.
    Yeah. When you post you can have her somehow mention that she wasn't able to contact Thalia with her reply. Or I can just go in and edit my post. Whichever is easier/more fun for you.
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