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Recent content by AztecWarrior

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    So to level up I need to battle, right? Does anyone want to battle ? lol :)
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    Username:AztecWarrior PO/PS, Wifi, or both: Wifi - I own Omega Ruby and already have a team Battling Experience: Since D/P came out haha Did anyone recommend you? If so, who: N/A Group you want to be in: Hydro I just like battling and I came across this page and decided to join, I hope I...
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    haha alright cool well i'm ready to trade :)

    haha alright cool well i'm ready to trade :)
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    Hey bro are you online?

    Hey bro are you online?
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    All Dragon Ball Discussion Thread (Discuss Z/GT/Kai etc. Here!)

    Hey whats up everyone, long-time DB fan here i'm actually waiting on an episode to come one tv in an hour lol DBZ Kai is on Adult swim now Does anyone have a site where I can watch it in english? I already know the Buu saga isn't out yet though
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    AlbinoDino's 24/7 Egg Move Pokemon Giveaway

    IGN:Adrian Name: HA Torchic Gender: Any Pokerus: Clean Name: HA Bagon Gender: Any Pokerus: Clean Name: HA Charmander Set 2 Gender: Any Pokerus: Clean
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    3rd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

    I started an Emerald run a couple days ago and to spice it up I made it into a randomizer run, which means that all the wild pokemon I encounter are completely random, even my starter. So far I just beat Roxanne and im in dewford about to fight Brawly after training a bit in Defword cave...