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  • I've been good! Just got back into pokemon so I'm trying to finish a national dex so I can just import it to every game ahah
    I don't know that it's difficult as much as you didn't tell me when you wanted to try next? So I haven't been on because I only come on when someone tells me a time?? I'm still happy to help, I just need to know when you'll be around haha.
    Hiya! Not sure if you're around or will be, but my weekend times are coming up again so I can do any time Sat 10 AM - 10 PM (GMT+9)! Let me know when I can catch you!
    So sorry I missed you! I ended up busy all day as well as sick so I wasn't able to get online at all. @@
    You said my Wed evenings wouldn't work right? Unfortunately I don't have any days off or spare time until the weekend again...maybe I can make a morning. What is 6-7 AM Japan time for you?
    Sorry for the late reply! It turns out I will be out of town at 7 PM my time tonight, and I'm not sure I'll be able to come on any later. @@ Do you have the same time around tomorrow free? I can make an exception for the time and do it then.
    Hmm, that should be okay, but there's a small chance I'll be out at that time. I'll try to coordinate with people and get you an answer by the day before.
    I currently don't operate outside of Serebii, sorry. ^^; I'll keep you posted on times and stuff though!
    Yeah no, I'm not far enough ahead of you to do your evenings at all. :/ I also don't trade outside of my designated trade times, so I don't think we'll be able to trade for a couple weeks. @@ Saturday 11/4 will probably be the soonest time, sometime before 10 PM for me (2 PM for you). Let me know if a time before t hen will work, thanks!
    Hiya! So this week the only time I'll have is my Wed time, then I'll be out of town for the weekend and won't have time again til next Wed. If you're actually in the Netherlands that'll be your midday to early afternoon, so let me know if that'll work, if not we'll have to touch base again in a couple weeks. @w@
    yeah they can get pretty annoying which silver version isn't that terrible since not that much dialogue...sun and moon omg that is annoying i wouldn't do that one XD I am still going strong though i haven't picked up the game in a bit however i have to start breeding again so i might take a break from it to breed for my trade shop and then get back to shiny hunting again. I might go to my shiny alolan vulpix ha in love ball XD to take a break from the starter hunt...
    hahaha yeah i am doing a crazy hunt alright i did about 361 soft resets so far and nothing still going strong XD
    stupid serebii. Responded to your PM but of course after writing that wall of text the site didnt save and then kicked me out so now I have to wire it all again.
    Can we just talk in discord instead -__-
    No prob maybe a some point you can in one of my videos I know that would be fun.
    Hey guys, can someone help me out? IM in need of a FOREIGN (not ENG) humanshape-like, male pokemon with the nature Carefull.
    i see i was wondering what happen to you but i had a feeling that is what it was :p anyway I am glad your doing fine and don't have a ps4 atm still not sure if ever want it tbh i hate the fact you have to pay online :/ I am doing fine however i can talk more either on discord or facebook about that other subject don't want to talk in the open about that one >.> its a long story now...
    I got it :D 9,703 soft resets, 3 months of hunting. Not as long as TheMaster's rowlet hunt, thankfully!
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