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  • Have you ever played Pokemon Shuffle on your DS?
    Yeah I dont really use discord like at all. Im too lazy. But I'll add your friend code right now. Usually on till like 3am PST everyday.
    okay thanks also I can trade in a bit I need to through a load of clothes in the wash before work XD
    yah I was hoping I was lucky as you are :), I assume the odds are like 1/512 or like 1/1365 either way I hope it shines soon, it's really convenient that I can synch that same as when I got my modest magearna
    ooo wow yah that was lucky, I was just curious if u had used like a power item to guarantee the speed, but the good ol everstone and d-knot, that was a very nice shiny!, and by chance do u know the odds for type null being shiny I ask cuz I know u got one I seen other vids getting them in under 300 sr's and i'm like over 650ish and nothing so far and I have the charm
    Sorry about the delay. I'll be transferring Pokemon over to start playing Sun today so I'll be able to get the Rufflet tonight most likely.
    Sorry I was at my parent's house and their internet isn't the best. I can do that. I got an extra moon ball on Moon from a trade so I can get Rufflet.
    I do have sun, but I'm just getting to the 2nd island cause I keep taking breaks to breed Pokemon lol. What are you looking for in a Moon Ball?
    Indeed we do!! I will be on for a few hours, but I will be on late tomorrow as well. Around this time I'll be available tomorrow night and the night after that as well
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