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  • lol I feel ya. We got haxxed bad altough that multi-paralysis by my Starmie's Thunderbolt wasnt exactly fair either....

    We played as well as possible under those circumstances so I do not mind that much :)
    no Smash for me :) I will be late again, but I should be online for few multis if you and TJ are up to some too.
    We need to revive NU multis !! lol I am getting sick of genies and Megaskahn.

    Btw. looked your web again. Cool logos. I like!
    I was worried about that Leaf Storm XD but you were making great plays! Im still don't know much about dubs so that rage powder came and I was like "Why'd I switch??"

    Things are good!!! How is everything on your side?
    I am alright just running the league like crazy still going strong ;) seems like you have been pretty busy I was afraid you were mad at me or something messaged you a few times and got a bit paranoid. I have a horrible habit with that :c I am sorry if I have bugged you if I did :c I wasn't trying to bug on the badges just was letting you know that we need the last two badges for the league which I got the types btw steel/fighting and steel/ghost after that don't need to ask anymore ;) my league went through some changes which the rules which now its a e6 instead of having elite 4. I was trying to make it unique toward the bravely default game with the council of the six.
    Hey Azu, you never sent the link to that webpage you wanted feedback on. PM me pls, if you still want me to check it out :)
    I'm glad we had that synergy. I really liked your team, great for doubles/multi!
    Hopefully I can pull it off, I started it off as a singles team but soon realized it functioned MUCH better as a doubles. I'm still working out the team on paper, but I have a 3 mon core to start with at least. We could have a test battle once the team is finished if you're down? :)
    Hey there, long time! Nice multi, though the team I used wasn't meant for doubles/multi. I am however working on a team that IS. I even got a new shiny from MM hunting- took 293 eggs! :) Congrats on your hunt btw!
    Yeah those were some cool matches :) I think hoopa is going to be slightly overrated tbh, it has really low physical defense and pretty bad HP too, and it's slow soooo yeah. But yeah, I love all of your shinies :)
    Lol, I thought it probs was when I pressed offer and then I couldn't take back. I must just attract hack mons hahaha, I get them from wonder trade hahaha
    Actually yes please :) My Tyranitar is terrible lol. Do you have any female ones? if you do can you nickname it Queenie for me like my old one? thanks!
    yeah thanks, feeling better - only after takin pill tho.
    OK I will be breeding too. Cya later.
    hey, going online :) lemme know if you wanna multi, otherwise I am going to resume Deerling MM ( = Masuda madness)
    Sorry :( I came online later but I must have missed everyone because no-one was online, I will definitely be online tomorrow though for multis :D
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