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  • I have been watching some of Aaron's vids ;) Very informative indeed. Could certainly learn a thing or two from this guy.

    Thanks for sharing!
    ah OK! I am gonna go EV my Licky then. Lemme know when you wana continue.
    Also xat is empty if you want to chat or coordinate better. Hate the Shout outs :)
    lol I missed TipTapTwo :D

    btw just thinking here, can my Victreebel's worry seed change your Chocobo's defeatist? Or will it fail?
    okay sure thing alright well I was thinking of having a different thing with the badges not sure what but its a frontier, I got to think what I want it to look like though to match the frontier titles :/ I will give you info soon unless you have a idea that would be great ^_^ but glad your doing alright though getting ready to be gone for a week to a convention if everything pulls through right with my boyfriends work schedule.
    Sure no prob. Just let me know in advance how may you need transfered so I can prepare OK? Kinda short on trash mons these days :)
    Aww we didnt have that many tho :( They were fun tho yes! 2morrow again?

    Also I will return Bros to you tomorrow. Thanks again!
    Seems like we will have NU blast tonight. You, me, TJ and Burn have NU teams ready to smash... uh... I mean clash! hehe
    Haha arent you lucky. Thanks a lot! Saves me hours in maison.

    Yeah I will be there in the evening for multis. lol I will switch in my OU team if there is no NU user in sight besides you and TJ.

    For now I am trying to catch a female of a mon I want to breed using your Bros haha.
    Hey Azu you are in OR right? If you have time, would you mind dexnaving Mawiles to steal an iron ball from one for me?
    Getting 48 BP for that thing in maison is a bit steep price from my POV :(
    Indeed... I ♥ my Weezing. Although it has imperfect SpDef so I might breed myself a new one...

    lol it was not supposed to be noob pawning. The guy actually lives in my country which is unusual to encouter such person randomly on PSS.
    So I fought him just of of curiosity to check what skill he has. I knew right from battle preview tho :)

    Ah well maybe one day he googles Smogon.

    Btw. Thanks for that Slowbro!! Will return it as soon as I can. If you need any legend for dex I have quite a lot on my David account.
    Haha he was a rookie alright. Smogon uber user would have crushed me like a bug with this team.

    NU ♥ So much disadvantage and yet they fight like beasts. They deserve admiration!
    Ok thanks for the advice :D yeah mono water. I've done one before but it was before we met and was on a different save file, it was inspired by Misty's Pokemon :) That Seadra was for our NU battles and I'm training a Kingdra for our OU's :)
    Hey :) Quick question, do you think a mono team could work in our multis? I really want to do one but don't want to be completely destroyed every battle lol :) Plus, I miss them from when I used to use them.
    Oh LOL you will want to see this... N3YW-WWWW-WW2X-5DXF

    NU team vs. M-Rayquaza team! Guess who won?
    OK my theory about god of haxx is officially confirmed:
    (Bad matchups + severe haxx) during battles = Luck with shinies

    I have been looking for a Pidgey parent to breed in safari and ecountered a wild shiny one. Trash IVs and nature but still.
    Thats the second shiny this week. WDF?!
    No worries it was supposed to be free anyway. I had more legendaries in gen 4 than i realised lol and if it weren't for u i never would've known
    lol yeah, with that matchup he couldnt do much... great teamwork yeah. Its so cool when you and your partner are on the same wavelength during a battle and understand each other without speaking haha.
    Secret power... what are the odds of paralyzing anyway? Does that even work like that in wifi arena?

    Btw. where did you go? lol TJ has exams tomorrow. You too or what? :)
    Just kidding. Cya tomorrow.
    lol more like shiny Jean but yeah. Agree she is not exactly balanced... she is supposed to suprise with her power. Oh and Ferrothornes are ded before they know it. I cant stand Ferrothornes setting up lol.
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