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  • haha you bet I am happy ;) Putting MMing on hold tho, gonna help someone else with breeding.

    So what do you think of Rat's set? Any comments/suggestions for improvement?
    Hey Mythe, been waiting to ask you lol :). Do you have any lightning rod Goldeens? I've been wanting to breed one for a while but could never find one :( I'm in the process of making a whole new team, with variants for our NU battles and our OU battles :). Excited!!!
    YES! Hatched shiny Rattata this morning. Hustle + 5V-SA adamant = PERFECT (for me at least)!
    Seems like god of haxx has lifted their terrible curse off me and pat me on my back lol
    Sorry about that, a bunch of stuff happened and I ended up going to the store then going to bed when I got back because it got so late. If you still need it the dratini will be ready tomorrow.
    Just bred that Marill you gave me........... Went to Le Wow and forgot to re-arrange my team so I thought "I'll just switch it off and re-arrange" I was certain I'd saved it...... Lost it all...... :/ my life lol
    Heya Azu, I will be breeding most of the evining but sure I can have a break and multi with you guys.

    Btw. I got some Hustle 5V-SA adamant Rattatas. Both genders. Just tell me which one you want/need and what nickname should I put on one lol.

    I continue breeding with my japanese Mienfoo coz the idea of having a shiny is soooooo tempting! Must be your influence lol.
    Hey, I'm going to get on heart gold to get two of those dratini, I got 4 Slots left, is there anything else you need? Also sorry for leaving abruptly, I had to take care of a tiny child. She's cute and she's already getting into pokemon.
    lol I got haxed previously in maison. So now it seemed like the game does it to me on purpose :) I was not very polite during that second match, I hope I didnt wake up my elderly neighbours hahahahah
    hmmmmmmmm serebii says you get the stone in littleroot from your mom after delta episode. Did you check?
    actually after checking my bag, realised I have the other twin stone as well :) I can still give you latiasite if not needed for soaring.
    Not like I will need any of them since I never use legends. And I hate SRing with passion.

    Lets trade the stone and I will check if I can still soar.
    if you are up for multi tonight, I have my new reinforcements battle ready :)
    If not I will probably go back to FF8 lol. Cya.
    lol sorry for that, but as soon as I realized there is nothing be fear from it (I expected Psychic sooner or later), I started pummeling mercilessly.
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