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  • Hey thanks :) I need Hustle on Rattata coz of a way I want to play it. Dexnav takes forever even though I have search level15 by now. Apparently I will need lv50 or so to chain those rats. Was too boring so Nikki now stands in the middle of grass doing nothing while David breeds XD
    Heeeeey :) thanks so much for that Ralts, I love it :D Also really happy with Delphox, not bothered about shiny because now it has a game of thrones nickname haha :) need to get used to using it though. Can't believe that was your 3rd shiny Ralts lol :D
    Hey, no worries. We all have RL, its not like I expect you or TJ or Mig to be always reachable and ready to battle.
    Take your time and see you later.

    Oh I love any poke who is not copy pasted smogon and yet manages to hold their own!
    Plus no mega evolution means some fairy moves wont be as efficient as thëir users would think they would. Dem mind games haha
    OK :) Btw. dont you want those three mons back? I thought you wanted to transfer but now you seem multi-happy hahah
    Hey Azu, btw. did you consider TEF league? The OU singles (mostly) are merciless but I usually learn a lot about my team's weaknesses :)
    Yeah no problem :) I can't trade them to OR myself because I have literally no Pokemon besides my competitive mons and a few hm Pokemon so I'll just leave them in the PC and we can trade whenever you like :)
    Well the earthquake was because I forgot he had levitate. I knew his ability I just got it mixed up in my head and the fact that when I see an electric type I automatically think "gee a ground type move should do some damage". I don't use that evolution line at all, the most I've done is evolved one. Thnx though, and I may take you up on that offer.
    Ok :) do you have any suggestions on which mons I should bring? like I said I'm not all that good in ou for some reason I don't know why haha I just find it more difficult :/

    And yeah I just wanted a HA jigglypuff:) not bothered about poke ball or anything I just want to breed it :)
    Oh no sorry I didn't mean safari ball I meant a fairy friend safari with jigglypuff as one of the Pokemon. Sorry for confusion :/ well I have competitive wigglytuff but I wanted to try eviolite friend guard kind of like marikas clefairy :)
    I'll see you later and thank you for the battles. Good to know I'll have someone to battle with, even if they'll kick my butt lol.
    I'm hopping back online. Be prepared, I may go down, but not without an honest effort... well maybe *laughs* Good luck and let's have some fun.
    I prefer to battle for fun so the pokemon don't matter to me as much. I just like to see a variety. Heck I wouldn't mind getting smashed by mewtwo. I have to get a bite to eat but I'll be back in half an hour. I'd be using the same team you saw in the multi.
    Sorry. let me try this again. We tried to have a battle yesterday and it wouldn't let me. I went through trying to figure out why asnd I was pretty certain it had something to do with my battle box. I was apologizing for any inconvenience it may have caused. I would like to battle you for fun. Thing is I don't know much about the smogon tiers... Okay I looked up my team (battling with mons I want for fun) From what I can find, 2 are RU, 3 are UU, and 1 is OU. Again I'm new to this part but a battle for giggles would be awesome. Again sorry to confuse you.
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