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  • Hey, sure I can do that :3 I've had a look at your list and there are actually a few (but hard to breed) Pokémon that caught my eye ;P
    I still need the following:
    Female HA TimerBall Cranidos
    Female Nest ball Kabuto
    Female HA Luxury ball Lileep
    (don't really care for IVs but of course they are a plus)

    In return I could get you the following apart from the Honedge:
    4V-5V female HA Buneary caught in a dream ball (which nature do you want?)
    Female HA Dive ball Qwilfish
    Female HA Nest ball Hippopotas (also DW only)
    Female HA Luxury ball Aerodactyl

    Can breed you the Honedge as soon as you want but the others will take a few days. Let me know what you think :)
    Ja ik jou ook. Ik ga nu tegen Trickster Zorua spelen of anders gezegd, hem trainen (op verzoek). Tot laters.
    We zien het wel als we tegenover elkaar staan. Heb d'r wel zin in moet ik zeggen. Wat werd het ook alweer, 3DS of Wii U? Leuke line-up trouwens maar mijn duo blijft toch Samus en Bowser. Daarachter wil het nog wel eens wisselen tussen Mario, Greninja, Mewtwo en nog een stel gasten als Ike, Ganondorf en DK.
    Thanks so much :D 6IV is good because I would prefer it to have both attack and sp.attack IV's seen as it would be using both. You don't mind if I borrow it for a while though do you because obviously it will take some time lol :/ If you need it back just say :) I'm not online now but I will be soon

    Awesome, you'll probably have them both in like 1 hour hahaha knowing your luck ;)
    No I haven't seen her, perhaps she is busy? I don't know?

    Haha I think I would get mad if I got swept by a cubone lol :D I think I remember " U has Boner "....... Funny name haha you used it ages ago didn't you?

    Also, do you have a good IV foreign field group Pokemon I could borrow (male though) I'm going to try to get a shiny but with no shiny charm it may take forever hahaha good job I have 2 DS' :)
    Wow shiny gigalith is soooooo cool, I love that electric blue colour :). Also green cubone is awesome!! Are you going to use eviolite cubone or something? Just wondered why you listed that instead of marowak:)
    Hey Mythe, thanks again for the Doublade :) it's actually so good! I've been using it in battles tonight, it also looks so cool as well. Good luck with your new one :D
    Got your message on my VM. I would be interested in a Love Ball IV bred F Aipom (5 IVs if that sounds reasonable to you). I can also put 4-5 IVs on the Piplup in return if that sounds good to you also.
    Hehe Little Wego is a total wildcard :) It's cute but scary at the same time lol.

    I'm sure it will do great, that Gligar you gave to me only has, I think, two perfect IV's and it does fine sometimes.
    Well I got the Audino and the Chansey which I am happy with. I thought Chansey and Blissey on the same team would just be too funny not to do hahaha. I really like Mega Audino though :) I think I'll definitely breed something over the weekend as it's bank holiday on monday so I get three days off WOOOOOO!!!! :D
    Yeah well I know you love dem shinies :) For me unless they are acceptable competitively they are useless :/ The fact that regular ones best my shiny makes it even worse for me. At least if it wasnt attack on adamant mon! But nah, my game decided to play a cruel joke. I got a Reshiram for it. Like, in 1 minute after posting it in GTS. Too bad I cant get things like Victini or Shaymin this way, at least these failures would pay off all the hard work the other way :)
    Awwwwww 1 is in defence yes? How do you work it out? I never quite understood that part, I only understand what the judge says. Oh well though, perhaps you can find different use for it? You're probably good at that :)
    31/31/1/28/31/31 ?! I share your pain. During your pokemon pause earlier this year I have hatched a shiny Shinx. Adamant 4IV but sadly, imperfect attack. That thing went straight to GTS and I am using 5IV common one ever since.
    ARRRGGGHHH you're to damned lucky hahahaha :D will you have it ready for tonight? I'm interested to see how you'll use it, I know you're not a fan of standard sets ;) see ya later on
    haha, stole it from you! while you were busy hatching shiny skarmory.

    Have to go now, will get back online in 2 hours or so. Cya in the multi arena :]
    Hey Mythe :) are you going to be doing multis tonight? Also, how are you doing with the Skarmory? I have two new Pokemon I want to use with you guys, one is a mega :D I was going to use it with Marika last night but I forgot to put the stone on it ooooops hahaha see ya
    Yeah they do match don't they :) I think I will breed that one you gave to me, I'm a little weak on the physically defensive side. Good luck with the shiny, I hope you get it quickly because I want to see it in battle :) see ya laterrrrr
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