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  • I wouldn't know where or how to start. Last time i did anything like competitive battling was back in the days of rby and gsc Via link cable. I was forced off the bandwagon and didnt get back on till 2010. By that time there was way too much stuff in terms of changes. I have battled in Wifi tournaments but I never win more than 3 out of 10 battles. Mostly by blind luck and not by skill.
    just people that hack in general what is the point lol makes the game to easy imo and plus its just wrong in so many ways lol glad your doing alright though and im doing good the userbars and the league frontier is up just waiting on those badges when you get the time of course ;) I know how busy you are azulart no worries :3
    I think that tyrantrum was hacked, it was atleast ball hacked to be in a luxury ball (tyrunt only comes in a pokeball). Still it is Hillarious how "i" came in and saved the day.
    (singing) "Sun sun mister golden sun, kill my enemies!"
    I didnt know... I dont think I ever faced competitive Stantler yet. Doesnt matter now I do know ;) Won't underestimate it next time.

    Yeah, NU = ♥♥♥
    snatch was to get moonlight from musharna for myself, but I counted on stantler targeting only you... Grassy terrain was to boost grass type moves power, coz we both entered with grass mons.

    Sorry if I misjudged the situation.
    Awww yeah I love Minun. Mine is so cute, though not much good for me in battle lol. I can't really use it haha. Yeah it's a cool team, very unique and creative :)
    Yeah funny coincidence hahaha :D I love that shiny Drifblim, and the shiny Illumise, never seen those before. LOL at Volbeat and Illumise on the field at the same time, I love stuff like that.
    I'm sooooo cool haha.... Almost cried when I died *sniffle* :D Your Noctowl is really cool as well.
    My internet as been off for 5 days with this being the 6th I am using my phone to get online to talk sadly I have no hotspot on the phone to use my DS
    TJ, Azu, are you guys gonna stay long today? Coz it might take some time to bring my two new mons up to level :D
    After that I would love to multi tho ;)
    I love it if you do not mind pm the team I really would like to see what other pokemon is in the team
    Hmm? I haven't played my Pokemon games in a long while. >>;
    Been mainly playing my other games as of late like Rumble ^^;

    Still no luck with shinies although I guess I'm content with who I have now. As long as they're raised well, I'm happy.

    And I'm well, more or less. A sniffle here and there, but that's winter for you. (Or late autumn)
    Hey Mythe, thanks so much for that Steelix :) Can't wait to use it and can't wait to see all of these new pokemon of yours and Marika's. See ya tomorrow maybe? :D
    ik, but I already have anti-dragon ice attacks (on multiple mons in fact), so I wanted to cover for other threats like gyarados. hmm ok I will think of something
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