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  • Doing oke thanks :)

    I know I do not blame you for not being hyped about gen VII ... you are not the only one haha.
    Anything else you are playing?

    Ha! OK good luck with DS III if they fix it. Also no news on FFVIIR part 1. Looks like I was right lol, ETA 2017 :/
    I'll fix it later. Right now I'm already camped in front of zekrom

    Artnerd lives in the Netherlands, and conversing with her on skype gets me some Dutch names for 'mons
    I am indeed :D
    The .5 patch has made a noticeable difference to his gameplay - faster in the air,HUGE reduction in b-air landing lag...and a boost in its range and power.
    Having a great time :p
    We should have a match some time if you are able to! Will be heading back to fulltime study pretty soon.
    Sad to hear that :'( But wish you all the best! Come say hi from time to time will ya?

    Oh and we are so going to talk once FF VII Remake gets released in Europe! ;)
    Hey Azu, how is it goin'? Still hunting down Dark souls II? :)

    Btw in case you come back, people of PSS have suffered VGC16 hangover and now they play mostly with VGC15 teams haha.
    No worries tbh I am not very active myself, playing MKX(L) most of the time.
    Sorry about your 3ds :/

    Cool, enjoy Dark souls :)

    Yeah doing OKish, work has become stressful and hectic again after months of relative peace and quiet but I manage.

    lol, cya in Indigo plateu where we battle for poke championship ;)

    Yep so far I love MKX(L)... story is kinda cheesy but hey it is fighting game so... and in arcade mode I can play for my fav characters from 1992 in classic costumes and using classic fatalities - as if poke nostalgia wasnt enough haha.

    I am actually surprised we brought it down on second try. We wouldnt make it without the reviving ability tho ;-) That was MVP.
    Actually that Dungeon is more challenging than anticipated. I hate how often I miss - more than in main game, its like they wanted to introduce hax to Dungeon games *groan*

    Anyway yeah I might be on later this afternoon when I get bored by (or frustrated) by Dungeon. Cya!
    Which game do you mean FFEX or Dungeon? ;-)
    FFEX is getting boring, the only thing that keeps it interesting is to perfect my gear/weapons and abilities, also might try physical job in the future.
    Dungeon is tougher than earlier installments. Heliosks are such cheaters using Razor wind. I got KO'd very early in the story and now I am forced to wait for some player to rescue me. Sigh.

    Oh btw. since kecleon shop uses your current avatar picture it feels like you sneaked into my game and try to sell me your stuff hahaha
    Childish? lol entire pokemon is kinda childish you know ;-)
    Personally I dont care. I just liked the simplistic gameplay - it is refreshing.
    Sorry to hear about not being able to buy Bravely Second :/
    Yes most of the players seem to be polite/neutral there. It is not just trolls tho I was referring to some peeps who just dont know what they are doing.
    Remember our insane quest? One person just headed for it with just me, wearing swimsuit X__x
    Then he tried abberant Odin (the forced no-revivals condition) and died within seconds into the fight. Sigh.
    Hey, yeah I will be online soon.

    And LOL yes you joined just in the moment when I started crafting totally new outfit and I actually even upgraded it right away so it took some time to finish.

    Yes lots of time I set the room for 'friends only'. It means I do not have to deal with random rude farts and Leeroy Jenkinses.
    Dont worry tho, for insane quest and *10 we defo need some help ;-)

    Cya soon
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