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  • Funny thing is, this guy was an OU player. While I had my UU team, I managed to beat his Diggersby, Talonflame and Gyarados and he ragequited.
    The score was like 5-3 for me. and So he ragequited, stupid players seriously.
    Don't you hate rage quitters? Nice that you have a solid team that can do that to others though. I was battling last night with my gym team, and I atually won a lot of matches to my surprise. Had some rage quitters on passerby, but it's always hit or miss with that.
    My bad that Mega Venusaur was not even a threat its not iv breeded but u still won
    Sure, that would be good :D, and also if you could get me a spare Mr.Mime from what you are going to breed would be good xD
    Yes, I still have pokebank, so I just need to get any random Mr.Mime with Icy Wind xD?
    U got a point but it do make me mad when they think their good by using them.
    In a good way beat a OU team with the guy using a Darkrai and a Kyogre
    The shading is good without having to sacrifice the colouring - the metal icon is lost a bit on the lighter colours, maybe introduce a subtle outline to bring it out a bit?
    but otherwise they look good
    LF an HA Female Riolu caught in a Quick ball. Can offer alot ! (see my About me list for my BankBall collection )
    That would actually be great if you'd like to ask her to see what she thinks. :) I haven't thought of concrete formats and how we would do it, but I think scouting for Guild Leader interest would be great.

    From the little UU that I've played, I've honestly not found it very enjoyable compared to other tiers, haha. It still feels very OU, except slower and stallier as you said. I'm absolutely in love with Inverse Battles though. :3
    Hey battle buddy~ :)
    It's going well and the Frontier is way more exciting than I could have hoped for. (I haven't been too familiar with non-OU tiers, and I'm really loving many of the other tiers so far)
    We're currently investigating how we can motivate signed up challengers to battle more actively, and currently we came up with an idea to create userbars for Challengers, so they have something to show too.

    I actually am not part of any guild, seeing that the time I can dedicate towards non-league things is quite limited. :/ But, as we are currently discussing in our League, we might want to have Guild partnership(s) to encourage League activity and Guild bonding, and I was thinking maybe we could even have a tourney that is Guild War centred.
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