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  • Straight zeros damn, I would have traded something for that I have an RNG'd shiny patrat I traded for here and its IV's are 0/01/00/01/00/01
    That's cool, I accidentally battled volcorona without saving before but still got a timid one (only time I battled it), I caught my regirock and uxie already impish and quiet
    I still need about 167 pokemon so I'm 2/3 done at most for now and my haxorus has some decent IV's
    18/28/9/3/31/30 jolly somewhat vein aqua tail, super power, dragon dance, dragon claw
    Any luck on your zangoose yet? And as for guaranteed shinies in BW2 you get haxorus in both once you fill up the unova pokedex not including victini, keldeo, meloetta, or genesect so that is 297 for that pokedex, for dratini you have to have white 2 for gible you have to have black 2 you don't get Hp choose between the 2 shiny dragons, I recently got both my dratini and haxorus on white 2 playing through black 2 later today
    I hope your shiny hunt for zangoose and seviper is going well, I've had no luck finding shinies when I have been EV training
    Welcome to the ghost type lovers group AzulTheCerulean20. By the way were holding a D/P/P tournament with a legit shiny Darkrai as first prize. You can read the rules and post your FC in the tournament thread of the group. If you want to participate you need to be quick because only 3 more members can enter.
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