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  • Hi there! Would you like to trade a HA Dream ball Kangaskhan and Exeggcute for a HA Dream ball Miltank and Tangela?

    PS Your inbox is full. :)
    Yeah but you post in on your own profile.
    I post this on your profile so youll get a notifaction, and Ill only get a notifacation if tou do the same aswell (posting a vm on my profile)
    As I told you, I could not get them done by today because I was at this event.
    So I have time on Sunday or anytime next week.

    I actually did breed all of your desired pokemon, except for Honedge. It takes a lot of time breeding one with 31/31/31/31/31/0. That's even harder than breeding a 6*31 one. I have a lot of Honedges with 0 in Speed, but there is always one other stat that just doesn't want to be 31 :D

    So, I could give you a 31/31/31/x/31/0 for example. Otherwise you still need to wait a bit :D
    Yes, of course I'll tell you when I'm finished :)

    I was on a birthday today (just came back home). So, sorry that I couldn't trade today. And tomorrow (actually today, Saturday) I will be on an industry culture event thingy with fireworks and stuff here in my region :D So I will be able to trade on Sunday, promise.
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