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  • Sorry for replying so late! I have been SO busy with a real life crisis-my mother had an enlarged Adam's apple, so we had to go through this long, endearing crisis of whether she had cancer or not. My grades suffered so I had to spend a lot of extra time making things up as well as my AP exams were this week.

    But sure, I'll PM you about this. Its much easier to contact me since serebii has problems with my computer and etc.
    Yeah, it's been a while. On the 11th, we're going on 18 months. As a side note though, how could you leave SPPf for 2 years? Are you magic or something?

    Anyway, it's going just fine. We've met twice and I'm about to see him again in two months for his graduation. I'm excited. It's a bit easy to get lonely with long distance, unfortunately.
    I know that feel, bro. Well, not the college thing though. I still have one year left to go. Good luck with that.

    Well, as for me, in an hour or so, I'm heading out to a few places. It's a nice day. By the way, you seem to have stayed friends with ^^Yoshinichi^^ longer than we did. Did he ever tell you we're dating?
    I'm free for the next few weeks, college acceptances came out this month, and I pretty much know where I'm going (been lazy as heck though). Finals aren't until the end of May, so I'm not busy. You should seriously make some tutorials, my background skills are horrible and I can't seem to get the quality (or smoothness) of pictures I scanned onto my computer correct. ;_;
    Same here. At least I got college acceptances coming around the corner which is basically keeping my hopes up. :) Got two acceptances this month, more are to come I guess :D
    Nothing much. I just had my midterms. And I know how you feel. I'm taking a few art classes at my school, but I really have no time to draw. School is too time-consuming and sucks all the creativity and leaves me lazy.

    You're in Singapore now right? Is it nicer there?
    I'm glad it was not like Kafka's Metamorphosis. That's great that you're doing photography and working on writing-along with designs. Kind of what I would love to do. My life is kind of ridiculous right now. I have loads of things to do for university admissions (so weird that acceptance letters are two months away).

    I kind of went through one of those experiences this year. It happened so much more gradually, but the effect was insane on me. But yeah, same ol' me. I lurk a lot. Sorry for not replying earlier. I didn't notice the message box which didn't exactly notify me.
    I'm glad you are feeling alright. :)

    I have a feeling you still lurk around the digital media forums. Are you still continuing your banners and how has life been for you recently? You seem to be in a much better state then when I first chatted with you.
    Wow....It has been awhile hasn't it? I hope you still remember me. Hello again, sorry I never responded to those messages. I've been busy with school and college applications. I finished the main bulk of them today, how have you been? There's a lot I want to ask, but I'm really not sure how to.
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