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  • Yh although it has a higher special attack it seems to work best as a mixed attacker. Steam eruption is so good! It's also a good switch in on Kyogre. Has to make sure it's not locked into thunder though. It will certainly stir up the ubers environment.
    I want that HA Tyrunt :( Stupid GF.

    You could definitely use that snivy to sweep the battle maison with :p I usually forfeit when I see people with contrary serperior but I knew I could kill it anyway.

    Did he give you the event legends as well?
    Yh but offensive greninja works so well it's hard to see why it wouldn't be a attacking set.
    Can't believe you went substitute at the end! I was so sure you would go protect to activate your orb and get some health back whilst also letting toxic dig into talonflame especially since I never revealed I had swords dance. I would have won for sure if you went protect (well it would have been a draw I think) and if I had gone brave bird straight away I might have won if I had got your health low enough so u couldn't use substitute. But then you would have gone protect and stalled me out I suppose XD. Almost had you, almost. Gg.
    I'm not in a hurry :)

    In XY, you can use Skaloth or Chimchar line for Slack Off and Numel, Torkoal and Bidoof line for Curse. Might take a while, but since you have a 6 IV Impish Hippo, getting the right parents shouldnt be an issue with right order of breeding ^^; I do prefer a Kalos Born Hippo so I can use it in VGC. I'm okay if you RNG/hack the parents as long as the offspring is Kalos Born.

    And yeah, stupid inbox has room for only so little messages -.-;;
    Btw good battle man the best opponent I've had and I've battled a lot of people here on the forms and a few randoms from passerby so good hustle if you wanna battle hit me up
    Hi pls add me.
    Saw your post. Noticed that you have 2 pokemon i really need, eevee and aipom.
    Friend Code: 3823-8574-4857
    IGN: Lorraine
    My Friend Safari Type: Poison
    Pokemon in My Safari: Muk Gloom Ariados
    Pls PM after you add me!
    Sorry that don't have the safari you want!
    Thx ^_^
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