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  • I'm so lazy that I hatched zero eggs in the past three days...
    I'm feeling hopeless about weather I should hatch all day today or stay on the forum. :(
    im just awaiting >_< start as tsutaaja *-* *grass lover* >_< and i like the last verion of the game's history >_< putting darkrai as our enemy was also great
    mmmm i think that i will play explorers of darkness today =( and i also have to finish pokemon ranger ( the one with celebi ) .-.
    mmmmmm maybe oneday we can play it =D i closed the adventures of sky and since im a eevee lover, i played as eevee on my blue rescue team. i do remember the sad history when you get the phione as partner =( see him going is too sad T__T i love cresselia on the game....i think that they should do more and more games of it..i preffer to play it more than the others lol
    hello there =D im a bit new here and i love this forum =D
    and i can see that you like togekiss also like me *-* and that you also play the dungeon series ( closed yesterday the blue rescue team version and will play the last one ( the darkness version ) lol. how are you today?
    And sadly I won't be able to have 36 combatants when I come over in two weeks. Too busy. X_X I think I can manage 12 though. XD
    120 eggs hatched. Over 80 modest, but I kept only the 3 DW Female Modest Near-Flawless ones. Still, no shiny. (Maybe it'll show up tomorrow!)
    His Garabador survived with 1-5 hp without focus slash and I had a maxed out iv and ev trained Hydreigon that was using a 90 base power stab move!
    Breeding your poliwag with a japanese modest one with 3 TMs. Expecting a modest shiny with dream world ability in at the most, 1200 hatches. I already did 25, BTW. =D
    My team got haxed at the battle subway on battle 21 and I lost. >:p
    On the bright side, I start my breeding spree today.
    Hi, saw the banner you did in your sig. Awesome. Did you happen to do any other of the Legendary Quartet in B/W?
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