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  • i see. I'm a little different than the girls here. If someone said that to me, I wouldn't really care. I know that I can be as good as a guy. I've been around people like that and I know to just laugh it off.

    also maybe you can read my story one day?
    You have a girl obsessed over looks, a girl who is a 'typical mean girl' with envy issues and who seeks comfort of a man, and a girl who is docile. This is not "all kinds of girls", and only represents a tiny fraction of the female gender. Choose your words wisely. :p

    i didn't mean to say all kinds of girls on this one.

    Why on earth does he get respect when he clearly doesn't deserve any? If someone thinks they are better than another person, should the person who is 'inferior' show any respect to them?

    People get respect for different reasons. Latios is respected by some for his battling, he is respected by Palkia for being honest.

    Huh? Why would they admire a man who thinks they are inferior to him?

    That is a hard question, can you expand more?
    Could you go see the thread in The Author's Cafe that has a preview of my fanfic in progress? I need some feedback on how it is so far.
    Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    By any chance, could you review my story Code Lyoko: The Rewrite. I really need an honest-to-god review to tell me what I did right, what I did wrong and how it overall is.

    If you can, then thank you and be sure to read it soon.
    I would like to thank you for critiquing my fanfic. Your advice was helpful and, even though I won't post it on these forums, I'll be sure to do very best on my stories.

    Could I befriend you so that we can talk?
    FFFF I'M SORRY I HAVE TO SHOW YOU THIS 'cos I was just talking about Lance sparkling. Read IC comments + mun title comments. YOU'LL KNOW WHEN YOU GET THAR.

    ... I suppose I could always feed my sister to him. But that's likely to make him sick and he needs his energy for later. =X

    Sure, why not? I'm all for giving the condemned a good last meal.
    My thoughts ran more along the lines of 'hot, if vampiric'. XD AT LEAST HE'S NOT SPARKLY.

    I was thinking about you, actually. If he ate me then I wouldn't be able to eat him. 8D

    Lance needs to be fed and I offered to get him dinner orz.

    o_O Neither did I... where did that come from?
    I thought you were implying that I'm a lot like Yami Ryu.

    Forgive me, but I saw one example, and the rest poorly phrased advice that was negative.
    *head-desk* I shouldn't have bothered reviewing that. I have a feeling that he'll just go on with the show, and disregard any and all advice given to him...he won't be the first, or the last, to do so.

    I've given harsher concrit. I've given more neutral concrit. I write what I write depending on the author's reaction to other reviewers' concrit.

    POKEMON doesnt have a story! JUST events!
    coming from an author of a Pokémon fanfic...?
    I never said that the guy needs to go back and read the rules. I gave him some examples of what he needs to improve on. I wrote that when I was tired, and bored, which apparently isn't a good combination for me. If I hadn't gone back and taken out This is atrocious. Simply atrocious. from my original shpeel that I would've posted, it would seem a lot more like a Yami review. Then again, I've gotten an infract from Dragonfree about one of my previous reviews, so I thought about what was in my power to write ahead of time. Before I posted. That, and I haven't given fic concrit in months.

    ._. Besides. I'm thirteen. This person has been writing since my age. Which implies that he's older than me. He should be able to write something better than a thirteen year old can.
    Editor. :p

    You brought up a couple of good points with describing circumstance, though; replied in more detail via PM. ^^ Ta~
    I prolly won't see you on today, 'cos I have to go into the city and by the time I get back you'll have scarpered. :x

    On the off-chance you finished the beta, though, could you email it to me pls so I have it when I get back ...? ^^;
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