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  • When I find myself in times of trouble
    Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom--
    'Let it be'.

    And in my hour of darkness
    She is standing right in front of me
    Speaking words of wisdom
    'Let it be'.

    Let it be, let it be
    Let it be, let it be~

    Whisper words of wisdom:
    'Let it be'.
    Okay, the first chapter has now been posted, along with the three times revised Prologue. I also used your advice and added a few more things, though I'm still not sure how to make sense of the first two sentences.
    Here, have a Lance. =3

    I never wanted you to remove any of your posts in the first place as it makes me have to go thru the trouble of editing my posts to editing out responses to, about, or concerning someone and I really hate doing that.

    I'm sorry but instead of coming off like dude sorry for the mistake, my bad. you come off as Oops I came off as an *** but I'll just go and hide it and try to make nice nice and just. Ug.
    So great it'll look like I replied to a person who never posted -_- that is what annoys me, not your post.
    No it doesn't offend me and you do that you just make it look like I'm talking to myself -.-;

    It's just with how you 'acted', it appeared that like a couple other people who posted, you didn't read what I said or really get why I posted it.
    Oh ok, I use to play this game called Impossible Creatures online but the community died and the server isn't up anymore. I thought the your name may have been a reference to that.
    I rolled a hunter before they fixed pets :p you basically had a choice of level pet and keep crap skills untill you were a sane level to go thru a zone to upgrade pet.

    Get a friend, to help you.

    Or lastly, strip down to your underpants and RUN NAKED THRU STRANGLETHORN VALE.

    I've read a couple books with strong female leads- but I've forgotten what they were lol. Everything seems to just slowly deteriorate into male > female. Very few things I've read or watched kept a female lead strong, or didn't punt her to the side.

    Like Dragonrider's of Pern, before it got to sue-ish in later versions. There's one real ***** of a character, Leesa I think her name was.

    Then her son got paired up with you guessed it, classic rape sue. /sigh.

    Basically when a person bonds with a dragon in the pern world it's like a soul bond, rider dies, dragon dies, dragon dies, rider usually dies or lives on half dead. So it's like ****ing duh if you're a woman you're gonna bond with one of only 2 female dragons. The gold. Or the green. She bonded a green and they're like cats :DDD

    and it's like /facepalm and I gagged and never read a newer work again.
    heh you sound like a Hellsing anime/manga fan thru n thru :p

    Meyer has some screwed up morals.
    I heard Meyer was a mormon so.. >.>

    half the time I wanna be all so hey twilight fans, if I took unicorns, completely ignored what they stood for and made them stand for dark twisted values, that'd be ok!
    I read the summaries, I really love EXPLODING BABY and before that, Bella evidently trying to kill herself cause edward abandond her.

    Oh yeah that's a good message to kids.
    yeah it's why I as I said try to get there when no one else is there as it's better for everyone really. I mean the place is so small.

    They need to change it to BoP or something :/
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