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  • eh it's fine not really doing fast responses myself :p

    And be happy lol, before only one version of the whelp dropped it.

    But now since they changed it half the time whenever I go there and think ok no one should be questing, fair game!!!!




    Or aka, Bots. Hacks. Cheats. farming mobs and just swarming and saw a poor human dk once, he had tried to farm for the pet and only managed to snare one, and it was just hell. I mean even pathetic when the bots would zerg for same mob :/

    Blizzard should have made them drop elsewhere too. Like the god damn black whelps.

    But no :/
    this is EU side thanks to Sandra :p

    well as was said, they're fixing Bear/Cat first, next was Moonkin/Tree, then travel and aquatic I think were hinted at.

    But god on the ptr it was so funny, someone who blatantly didn't bother to read the notes shouted in trade; I THOUGHT THEY FIXED TRAVEL WHAT WHAT WHAT

    someone in a /facepalm way says; No they fixed cat and bear form


    I have two, a lock who I started right after Ryai hit 30/40ish and I got TBC, and ofc my pally on hellscream, only other male I have atm is my drood. Moo, are you happy now?

    And squeee finally cat and bear form are getting fixed.
    unfortunately no >_> I got hit on by two guys who evidently had milk fetishes on my main.

    My harassed one was a cow too :/ just started her out and all a sudden this guy starts chasing me spouting crap.

    Sometimes pervs and people to desperate for sex shouldn't be allowed to buy games >>
    Yeah hate it too, one time got chased down/sexually harassed on on alt >_>

    go go game mods.

    And same- so I decide ok fine let people think I'm a guy, it's less creepy...

    Untill you're playing a male belf pally and someone playing an MALE ORC starts hitting on you, omg >_< I deleted the alt and never went back to that server
    Yeah I would.

    I kinda gave up when I had my gender in my sig AND as my user title and still called me a man.
    Started reading The Golden Dusk, and the Silver Dawn; and I like what I sees. For some reason, I really liked the Shuffle Four idea; it sounds like something the creators would genuinely come up with. Do you plan on continuing with it, or have HeartGold & SoulSilver made it somewhat redundant?
    I don't think u have to wait a year because why would the japenease tell u about the remakes this early early! I think it will be released in next month in Japan. we will know tommorow....
    sup do you wan trade or battle if you wana trade i got the giratina newform and the skyform shamin

    (what is your friend code and ill trade it)
    trying to do a quick two on two battle for the first time! to many rules! FC plese! mine (Yaniel) is 2878 6848 3031 my friend's (B.J.) code is 2105 5907 1705
    Yep. Harry Gregson-Williams is just that awesome. He also did the score to both of the Chronicles of Narnia movies. ^_^
    Hey, IC Ghost! Check your LJ profile and you got some Kingdom of Heaven songs in there! The music in the movie is awesome! :D
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