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Recent content by Azurne

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    The Fan Fiction Mafia

    If it's any consolation, KP, I feel somewhat similar (thought for different reasons) about the way love and sex are just thrown around like a token cliché authors have to have to make their story feel 'complete'. Sometimes it can be done well and can enhance the viewing experience, but a lot of...
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    The Fan Fiction Mafia

    Learning from someone else's writing is an okay way to start off, but you've got to pick the right role model, and keep in mind that different authors have different styles. What may work for one author's voice may not work for your voice. Choosing someone randomly off the internet to practice...
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    The Fan Fiction Mafia

    You know, I remember posting in a thread not too long ago, saying the forum had nothing to fear because Jax wasn't the mob boss. Now, I have to go back and eat my words. :| Also, hi, my name is Azurne. I lurk, and I try to give helpful advice once in a blue moon. I can't finish a story to...
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    "Show, Don't Tell"

    Jax isn't the fanfiction mob boss. You've nothing to fear, jeez. Bascially, as a writer you don't just want to "tell" a story, right? You want to immerse someone in the world you've made via the English language. "Telling" often is exactly as it sounds, telling someone what's going on in a...
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    ---------- The other being the music choices the authors would put up were questionable, if you...

    ---------- The other being the music choices the authors would put up were questionable, if you know what I mean. Seriously, if you link me to Linkin Park because you think it fits your scene, I judge you a little. ---------- CRAWWWWLING IIIIN MY SKIIIIN THESE WOUNDS THEY WILL NOT...
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    Official Signature Check Thread - NEW: CHECK OP TO LEARN HOW TO SELF CHECK IMAGES

    I'd be grateful if someone could check my signature as well, since I've a lot of text. Thank you~ <3
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    Frozen Hero

    Constructive criticism, ahoy! Please don't take this review as any sort of insult. Even if this is a prologue, there's little to nothing described here. For example, "a big gray dragon with yellow eyes" can look wildly different in each person's imagination, even if you intended for it to be...
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    Journey into the Unown (PG 13)

    I rather like this actually. You have a nice flow to your story and the description is pretty good. The only thing that's really bothering me is the way you've stacked your story - all squished to the left. I'd try and edit it so it reads all the way across the post and doesn't leave this...
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    World-building Preferences

    1. Where is the ideal point between taking on the Pokemon world in a more realistic way and being a stickler for the canon for you personally? I tend to lean more toward canon, myself. But I also love throwing the occasional sharp twinge of reality. Like for instance, I'll have a ten year old...
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    The Light in the Darkness (Rated R) [Repost]

    I don't believe I'm familiar with this, so here are a few quick things I noticed when I read through: The premise about how Amber became an eevee has a few holes in it that you might want to explore or fill out. She has a rather distant and shaky relationship with her brother, doesn't seem...
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    Born to be a Master

    Okay, I am very confused about what's going on. You've started off with some dialogue by people who I would have assumed are on the TV, and the main character shouts at the TV to "wait" because they want to register. But then this happens: Uh, what? So your character isn't in front of a TV...
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    friendships, guy friends

    There's nothing wrong with being a "yaoi fan brat" even if you were one. :p That said, it's your work. If you said two characters are or are not gay, then they are or aren't, simple as that. If people want to ship those two characters they will do so regardless of how you feel about the situation.
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    Basically, it depends on how you interpret the type chart. I generally think of grass types as a kind of absorbent to the water type, so being doused with water only further strengthens them to a point (like going outside and watering a flower so it grows). Just being tangled in some natural...
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    Question concerning multiple characters

    Well, I would first reconsider why your story needs that many prominent characters. Stories with a big cast can work, but you may find that investing development in only a few characters (instead of stretching your scenes and jumping around from character to character) would be better...
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    The Motionless Journey of Youngster Ian

    Aw, I thought this was adorable (with both romantic and non-romantic interpretations)~ I dunno why, but Ziggy and Ginger are actually part of the reason I like this so much. You've given them a lot of personality with just a couple lines, and it doesn't help that they both seem adorable. I'll...