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  • Ya, I've even done some hunts with him myself on MH3U a few years back, and he's on my friends lists for my more recent Nintendo systems. In fact if you look you might actually see me in some of his videos, namely a Pokemon X and Y tournament we did back in the day.

    He actually has a Discord server that I'm in if you'd like me to grab you an invite link.
    Still a SMT sub series I think. I've only played the Persona series myself, but I have a friend, Omegaevolution, that has played SMT4 and SMT4 Apocalypse, the two latter games are pretty much where I figured you got the RPs idea from, since those games are pretty much angels vs demons vs neutral humans that just want to live their own lives without the two sides interfering.
    I was talking to Krok about that new RP you guys were planning. Somewhere in the conversation you and SMT4 kinda came up, and he said you got some ideas from that. It made me wonder.
    Say Azurus, I know this question is out of the blue, but do you play Shin Megami Tensei?
    Anytime, man. And, at least you visited eventually. All good, though.

    Yeah, definitely. Got fall classes that are starting up now alongside work. I did get to see the eclipse, which was really neat. Aside from that, I've mainly just been getting through school. I've heard about EO5. Definitely want to get my hands on it if I can. Which other games are you looking at?
    Hey there, Azu. Long time no talk. Came to wish you a Happy Birthday. I do hope you manage to have fun today.

    Sorry to hear that you're in a rut. I'm kinda in the same spot, with no time to work on stories or play games much with college and work taking up my time. Shoot me a message whenever you get this. I'll be around.
    Another year and nothing accomplished. 26 years old and I can't seem to get anywhere, I'm too busy to work on stories, too poor to move anywhere and too stressed to be happy. Everything is sucking right now and there's nothing I can do about it. It'd be fine if I could share my fun in games with others, but nobody cares about the games I like anymore, and the ones they do care about, they've already surpassed me in so there's nothing new for me to contribute. I just... feel incredibly alone.

    I dunno how often I'll check this, so if anyone responds or the like, it might be a while before I get back to you. Regardless, I'm just venting as saying this into open air where I am won't help anything either, so don't feel you have to respond, or that I'm looking for help. I'll just continue what I have been doing and I'll be fine, it's worked so far.
    Little late in the day, but I'm wishing you a happy birthday as well. Hope your day's going well, my friend.
    I can't respond to you, Andy, it seems you made your visitor messages private now. Thanks for the wishes.
    My birthday yet again. 26 years old now and nowhere closer to my dreams than I was before. Depressing? Maybe, but that's how life goes sometimes.
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