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  • Oh...well, sorry, but I don't know anything outside of the software I use to stream and record things. My younger sister is the real tech savvy person here at home.
    And what kind of games are you trying to stream exactly? I would imagine any newer game in this day and age would put a strain on a computer that old. Not that I'm anywhere near as tech savvy as my younger sister.
    Yeah, that's why I'm mad at affinity quests, AND I CAN'T ABANDON IT, LITERALLY, BUT I WANT TO CONTINUE THE STORY!

    Also, Azurus, that's not what I meant with damage scaling. I meant like how you deal around 800 damage at level 50 in FFXIV, but you deal 2000 at 60, that kind of thing. And don't tell me how it actually scales, otherwise I'll set unreachable expectations since I'm playing my class wrong anyways. I don't care though, I'm playing how I want to. Besides, you're probably doing some obscenely min-max-y things, while I'm just like "This class works best ranged? BETTER USE MY MELEE WEAPON THE MOST!"

    Also, I did that. I googled this myself earlier and found the same result, and yeah, wait in flipping real time for them to pull those up.
    Welp. Sounds like garbage. And work.

    And I'm not far at all in Xenoblade, I'm too busy with FF as always. Like, seriously, did you expect me to change THAT much? Also, I am not far, I've barely started chapter 4. Like, seriously, JUST STARTED. So please do not talk to me about the story in any way. Also, the specific affinity mission I'm referring to was the first for Lin, where you have to get White Cometite, which you can only get BY WAITING IN REAL TIME FOR A LOW CHANCE THING. So no, still eff them. Also, okay. I don't know what that means because I don't know how damage scales in this game, but okay.
    Hasn't changed in the years we've known each other. :D

    But thanks, I appreciate the gesture. Just wish I didn't have to celebrate it by working on a final project with one of my teammates for a class. ;_;
    Well, I turned it off since the ads aren't obnoxious and the site needs to make money somehow. Even though I'm pretty much dead on here, I still like it.
    I wouldn't mind looking at it for comparisons sake.

    I don't know anything about this one by personal experience, but there is one apparently popular capture software I've heard of called XSplit, which is free but isn't available on Mac, so whether it's more viable than OBS I can't say.
    I have been told OBS has a much more user friendly interface on Mac, but I haven't seen it being used on PC.
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