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  • Well, on computer games I use OBS, or Open Broadcast Software. It's an easy to use and free to download software that lets you record everything and anything right off the computer screen, and you can adjust the size of the capture window to fit in anything you want, be it the small window you might get on emulators, or the window of a game capture software. You can also stream on Twitch with it.

    Speaking of game capture software. I use Game Capture HD for consoles. It's a software I got the download link to from a card that came with my Elgato HD Capture Card, which as far as I can tell is one of the better capture cards out there. The software itself has about everything you might need to record gaming videos with or without commentary. I used to use it for recording, but nowadays I just use it to put the game on my computer screen while recording the actual footage with OBS, the videos use up much less memory that way, and I can include facecam via OBS if I want to.

    Granted, I use a Mac, which limits my options. There might be better software options than OBS that I either haven't found yet or are windows exclusive. But it gets the job done for me well enough.
    Haven't made the cake or opened any things yet, but other than the grim reminder of my own mortality its been pretty great so far! Plus I haven't started my new job just yet so I ave all of today off!
    It is. I only shave about every 2-3 months, so you know that hair will clog the drain. Before, I would just scrape what I could and leave the rest to luck. With your technique, I won't have to worry about it.
    Azurus, you have at least 5 friends who are of shaving age here. This is very pertinent information.
    Not that anyone cares, but a pro tip for shaving over the sink, just place a fabric sheet over the drain, it lets water through, but catches all the hair. It also contours well in the sink, not letting hairs bypass the sheet.
    Weavus: *snickers at Krok's comment.*

    Me: Don't mind him. Been a while since we've chatted outside of the usual weekend stuff. How's things going?
    I see what you're saying, but I like the 2D looks, and the dark narrator gives a sort of Max Payne feel.
    You hear anything about this yet? It looks pretty good, I may get it.
    Saw this, thought of you.

    And now that I listened to the cooking music in MH4, it made that **** Chaos pull 10x better XD.
    That's sucks :/ Did the blizzard let up and the city clear the roads today?
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