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Recent content by Azyvli

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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 Question Is there going to be a special one day event or a pre order event when you get Black 2 or White 2 on the release day? I'd like to know so I don't miss out on any event for it.
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    "Pet" Pokemon

    I'd probably have an Eevee, Skitty, or Mudkip. All of them wouldn't be very harmful to me or anyone else so... That's why I think they'd be good choices!
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    Do you multitask when you play Pokemon?

    I usually multitask when playing any game actually; I nostly watch tv, read, listen to music, watch a movie(Pokemon movies sometimes xD) use my kindle, and eat while playing the game.
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    Serebii's 7th Annual Pokemon Exam Announcement Thread!

    Aww... Missed the sign up... I'd thought It'd be something fun I could do! Good luck with the exam guys!
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    What are your type specialties, and why are you not so good at?

    My specialty is water, dragon, and psychic types. I'm bad with electric, ground, grass, and fighting types.
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    In which generation did you start playing?

    I played Pokemon since Gen III with Emerald.
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    Do you get weird when it comes to you pokemon games?

    I usually am a bit weird when it comes to my Pokemon games... I almost never let anyone use my games; ever! I even got utterly p***ed off when I was battling the E4 and one of them always used Swagger... From that time on; I hated that move! Main lesson: Do not touch a Pokemon trainers' games...
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    Inside a Pokeball?

    In the games; the Pokemon just breaks out of the Pokeball. My guess is that the Pokemon pretty much destroys the Pokeball.
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    Ditto theory.

    Hmm.. I've never heard of that theory before... From what you explained... I think it might be true!
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    Nickname philosophy?

    I sometimes give the most obvious names(i. e. Pansear; Flame) Or I just make up something. (BTW clever Pokemon names are super hard to think of)
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    Your ethics on hacking

    I don't hate hacking... I just don't do it as much. It makes it easier... but where's the fun in that?
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    What style of the forum is your favourite?

    I for one, checked all of them before deciding on the default skin. The rest just looked sorta weird to me...